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My Big Fat Honeymoon Recap — Part 5: Whale Watching (or being cold and bored for 4 hours)

Last year at this time we were well into the second week of our honeymoon adventure in New England. We planned a relaxing honeymoon without solid plans so we could recover from the stress of grad school, moving, and wedding planning. We spent eight days in a cabin outside of Plymouth, then a night in Salem, and three nights in an apartment in the South End of Boston. I wish I would have finished recapping these last year, but here I am! 🙂

Watchin’ Whales with Captain John

Mark has fond memories of going to the Cape as a kid, and that’s part of why we chose to go there on our honeymoon. One of his favorite memories is of whale watching. We each picked one high-dollar ticket item—mine was a Red Sox game, and Mark’s was whale watching.


It was a dreary and chilly day, made colder by the fact we sat in a boat on the ocean.



Whale Watching in Plymouth on our New England honeymoon

I loved the sand dunes right outside of Plymouth.


We spent 4+ hours on the water and saw only a few interesting things.

You’ll notice that I don’t have photos of any actual whales. We did see a few whales, but mostly we saw a bunch of silly dolphins playing in our wake. We did see (a small part of) a finback whale, which is the second largest animal on earth. I don’t have a photo of it because I was worried about dropping my camera in the water (the boat was swaying wildly after speeding up to catch up to the whale).

Huh, watching that video (clearly from Snapchat), we must have finished the puzzle that same day. My favorite memory from our honeymoon was doing that puzzle (weird, I know). Whale watching wasn’t my favorite activity, but Mark had a great time, so I had a good time spending this day with him. I really loved seeing him enjoy an activity as much as he enjoyed this—despite freezing my butt off for four hours.


Love on ya, chimes

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