April Creative Challenge: Recap – life+running

April Creative Challenge: Recap

April’s Creative Challenge: Complete Five Classes (including projects)

April Creative Challenge: Complete 5 Online Classes

I had a tons of fun learning new skills this month on Skillshare. I am probably going to pay for a premium subscription because I love learning and think learning new things is valuable for both my career and my brain. I ended up learning skills I wanted to learn for years (like designing a repeat pattern! and calligraphy!) and their site makes it easy to learn in my spare time.

Just take a look at the smattering of fun stuff I made this month!

Calligraphy practice in white on red bookmark Baugasm gradient technique poster (skillshare class project)Vectorized Waterbrush Lettering Class: Don't panic  Dandelion Fields Pattern by chimesdesign water brush lettering cards by chimesdesign

Classes I Finished This Month

Classes I’ve Started

Classes I want to Take

Want a Free Month of Skillshare?

Although this is not a sponsored post, I will get a free month of SkillShare Premium (and so will you!) if you sign up through their referral program link. This isn’t why I chose to do this challenge. I actually thought to include this after I wrote the original challenge post since others might want to do the same (binge some classes in a month), and am including it again in the recap because I seriously recommend this site. I’m debating on continuing this creative challenge next month or doing another writing challenge because I have an idea for another new project that has to be written (go figure). I’ll let you know if I ever finish anything…


What classes would you take if you had a free month or two of SkillShare?

Love on ya, chimes

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I did not receive compensation for my endorsement of this website. I will receive a free month of SkillShare (and so will you!) if you sign up for a free month of premium through their referral program link.

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