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My Big Fat Calligraphy Resource Round-Up

I curated a collection of beginning calligraphy resources for you.

My Big Fat Calligraphy Resource Roundup on

Since I started playing with calligraphy, people have asked me questions about my materials and where I’m learning techniques. I put this list together for other beginners, and have included some calligraphy from a letterer I like, Maria Montes. Enjoy!


Pens and Nibs | all professional and shit

[image from The Shit Series by Maria Montes]

Most of these are the standards I keep coming across in multiple tutorials and classes, but I’ve added a few of my favorites.

Pens & Nibs




I’m a paper fanatic. Everybody has their own paper they recommend, so it’s pretty much whatever you find that you like and that seems to work well for you. Brush calligraphy is far more forgiving, so you can use just about any paper you find. Nib calligraphy can bleed, and the nib can get stuck on a toothy paper, so you have to be choosier with paper for that.

Classes and Tutorials

Many more classes and tutorials exist. These are the ones I’ve taken or used and have found helpful.

Classes and Tutorials / You don't Know Jack Shit by Maria Montes

[image from The Shit Series by Maria Montes]

SkillShare classes

Pinterest Tutorials

Script & Brush Typefaces

Every calligraphy class or tutorial that I’ve taken tells you to look at typefaces for inspiration, or even to practice by printing out a sheet of a typeface and tracing it.

Not going to lie: there are a LOT of bad script typefaces out there—especially with the boom of modern calligraphy. What makes these typefaces bad is they only have one option for a letter connection and spacing (Wildera is a perfect example), which results in weird spacing. As a hand letterer, you get to correct those things even if you’re inspired by one of the bad typefaces I’ve included. Some of the bad ones are actually great inspiration because they can show you interesting ways to add flourishes or your own style.

If you have access to Adobe CC, take a look at Bickham Script. People hate this typeface, but I find it hugely inspiring for calligraphy because it shows a lot of ways to make flourishes and ligatures. Free versions don’t include the flourishes, unfortunately.

Anyhow, here are some fun calligraphy typefaces to look at for inspiration.

  Rouge Script Google FontPinyon Script Google FontMonsieur La Doulaise Google FontMiss Fajardoose Google Font Wildera Behance Font Summer Hearts Behance Font Sophia Font on Behance Rowo Font on Behance Playlist font on Behance Hello Stockholm Font Noelan Font on Behance Nickainley Font on Behance king basil font on behance Coralia font on Behance brusher Font on behance Brayden Family Free Typeface on Behance Salted Mocha Behance Free Font Wild Youth Behance Free Font
Included for free with Adobe CC

Bickham Script Typekit TypefacePenna Swash Typekit Typeface Nautica Regular Typekit Typeface Alana Typekit Typeface Adorn Smooth Typekit Typeface

Paid ($20 or less)

Rusty Cola Pen Font on Creative Market Stone Harbour Brush Font on Creative Market Maulina Typeface on Creative Market Loveletter Script on Creative Market


Whew! That’s a ton of information.

I hope this is helpful if you’re interested in calligraphy!

Love on ya, chimes

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