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#PinterestWins: palak paneer recipe

I love Indian food.

But it’s difficult for me to eat out at Indian restaurants with my tomato allergy, so we make stuff at home.

Tomatoes are in just about everything Indian. If we make Indian at home, we can either omit tomatoes or substitute tomatillos. We have a few Indian cookbooks, but we often use my favorite Indian recipe site: Veg Recipes of India.

My favorite Indian dish to make at home is Palak (or Sag) Paneer.

Palak means greens and Sag means spinach. We usually use spinach to make our Palak Paneer because we typically have spinach in the fridge or freezer. We usually use tofu instead of paneer. So, I guess, our Palak Paneer is really Sag Tofu? Either way, we use the  Palak Paneer Recipe from Veg Recipes of India and have for a few years. It’s definitely a Pinterest Win!

Indian food isn’t always pretty, but it’s delicious!


I’m still impressed with how green our spinach was the last time we made this last batch. The trick is to cook the spinach just enough to wilt it, then toss it in an ice bath to stop the cooking (a technique called blanching). I don’t think blanching does much to the flavor, but it makes the dish more appetizing and green.

The last time we made it was also the first time we did a second blend. We usually blend the spinach into a purée (as the directions say) and then toss it in with the rest of the ingredients (again, as the directions say to do), but this time I put the mixture (pre-paneer) into the blender and added the cream (which is supposed to be a garnish). We also usually omit the tomatoes altogether, but last time we made it I added tomatillos and it tasted so much more like the restaurant versions I remember!



Have you tried any Pinterest recipes lately?

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  1. Steph says: Reply

    Ooh. I saw some paneer at Costco and was tempted to buy it since I know it’s a rennet-free cheese, but I didn’t know what to do with it. Maybe if I see it again I’ll give this recipe a shot!

    1. Calee says: Reply

      So good! 🙂

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