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February Creative Challenge: Recap

Creative challenge: prepare a chapter of fiction for review // february 2017 lifeplusrunning.com

How did I do on this month’s writing challenge?

Not how I envisioned.

I haven’t finished my chapter for my review next month; however, I managed to gain a clear sense of direction. Through the process of revision, I realized that my story wasn’t working because I was trying to shove too many things into it. It was trying to be both a romance AND a thriller (among other things). I’m interested in writing the romance and the thriller, so why not just write two books? Ha!

I love having more than one project (as you know), and having two projects with similar characters and settings could either be difficult and/or a way to keep writing no matter what genre I’m interested in writing on a given day.

Similar Characters, Two Directions

I love my main characters. I especially love how they play off each other. Although they aren’t exactly the same people in each version, they are derived from the same original sketch. The thriller features the characters’ worst possible sides, while the romance will feature their best sides. The goal of the thriller is for the reader to hate the main characters but want to know how their story ends, while the goal for my romance is for the reader to fall in love with one (or both) of the characters and root for that Happily Ever After (HEA). Some of the elements from my original story are more important to the thriller than the romance and vice versa (e.g. the creepy hotel is an important setting for the thriller and the age difference between the characters is an important point for the romance). Time travel doesn’t fit either, sadly. I dropped the idea of time travel altogether. Maybe it will fit in another story.

What DID I do this month?

  • Now that I have a more clear direction, I’m polishing a chapter of my thriller for review next month.
  • I removed the cheesy romance novel tropes from the thriller. And bumped them up in the romance because they’re fun to write.
  • I more thoroughly sketched my characters’ motivations and plot based on these.
  • I added a HEA to the romance version and changed the plot so it could be sheerly romantic without the hangups of crime, ghosts, time-travel, etc.
  • I wrote an outline of the plot for both versions.
    • I NEVER do this.
    • I like to let the plot come to me as I write it based on what the characters do.
    • I have some great things that came from writing without a plan, but some shitty things also came from writing that way.
    • This time, I’m loosely locked into a plot for each.
    • Plots can change if my characters require it but I’m going to try writing with this as the goal.
    • Having a clear ending is especially important for the thriller because I need to infuse traps that characters reveal towards the end.
  • I had two people pre-review the first chapter. (thanks!!) Although I’m prepping the chapter FOR review, I’ve never had somebody read my fiction, so it’s helpful to get a bit of input before polishing. The feedback helped me create clear directions. I was considering ditching the romance altogether, but it’s so fun and easy to write romance. It’ll be a nice break when the thriller gets difficult.

Do I have anything ready to share?

Yes! I have the first chunk of the first chapter of the thriller ready, but I don’t want to post it here. I plan to self-publish both versions (should I actually finish) and since people frequently steal my shitty design work from this blog, I don’t want to chance people stealing my shitty writing. I will share the first line with you. This could also be the first line of my memoir. 

I’ve never met another grown-ass woman who spills as many things as I do.


I love writing, but revision is difficult. I feel like I just started over. For the third time! 

If you write, how do you deal with revising?

Love on ya, chimes

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