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2017 Goals Check-in: February

Yesterday I talked about wanting to check on my goals more often.

So here I am! This is a long post, and it’s mostly for me, so I’m not going to be offended if nobody reads this.

Writing goals

  • Join a writing group. 
    • I joined an online writing group and have had one review so far.
  • Continue my daily writing habit. | Write three blog posts a week. | Keep writing on my novel.
    • I confess I haven’t kept up with this because I’m mentally fatigued now because of the current political climate and a few personal things.
  • Finish writing Tokens of Kindness (TOK) book | Edit TOK book | Finish designing Tokens of Kindness book | Publish and publicize Tokens of Kindness book
    • I submitted the first draft of my TOK book to my online writing group. I’m excited to finish the book, but haven’t worked on it since the review.
  • Edit Graphic Design Social book | Write “Tokens of Kindness” section of Graphic Design Social book  | Fix design of Graphic Design Social book | Publish and publicize Graphic Design Social book
    • I’m planning to do this after I am finished with TOK.

Design goals

  • Become a deft coder. | Fix p5 sketches | Redesign blog and portfolio, coding a theme from scratch. | Learn how to do proper responsive design.
  • Self-publish a design book. See above.
  • Learn a new design technique each month. 
    • I made a new P5 sketch the other day. (Didn’t fix old ones yet because I need more time to figure out why they aren’t working.)
    • This month I learned how to use shape blends in Illustrator and they’re pretty fun.
      Shape blends in Illustrator are fun. Illustration of green to blue shape blend on dark background // lifeplusrunning.com
  • Become a better typographer. 
    • I’m starting this journey by re-reading Robert Brighurst’s The Elements of Typographic Style. 
  • Get involved with the local design community.
    • Haven’t done much yet (see the note about mental fatigue).
  • Add new designs to the wedding invite shop.
    • I’m putting the wedding shop on indefinite hiatus. No more etsy. I may create my own storefront someday, but it’s not a priority.

Food Goals

  • Make a green marinara / pizza sauce with tomatillos.
    • Mark is toying with this and we’ve had a couple of semi-successful batches. I’ll post a recipe when we perfect one.
  • Maybe try tomatoes again.
    • Nah.  I don’t think I’m interested in this, after all. It would make life easier, but I don’t feel like going through the pain of allergic reactions.
  • Make a couple of difficult / high-quantity of ingredient recipes from our cookbooks.
    • We have been doing this, and I might start sharing some of our favorite recipes soon. If I ever get past mental fatigue.
  • Keep working on meal planning and grocery shopping. | Be better at planning my lunches.
    • We are really getting good at dinner meal planning. I’m terrible at planning my lunches. I can’t eat leftovers because they usually contain mild allergens that give me gas, which is fine at night when it’s just the two of us, but not great at work or for my post-work workout.
  • Continue the random vegetarian trend.
    • I’m not only continuing it, but have made a pledge to quit blogging recipes that include meat and remove all recipes that include meat from my Pinterest boards. I’m making this move because I believe meat production is harmful to the environment. Although I still eat meat, my meat purchases are limited and highly researched to create the least amount of environmental impact.
    • No, I’m not going to become a vegetarian. I know this might seem silly, but you might remember from my disordered eating days that I don’t like labeling diets. They make me anxious and I pick up disordered eating again. Instead of saying “I’m a vegetarian”, I’m being mindful of the meat we are purchasing and upping our veggie intake.
  • Eat more green things.
    • Although I eat a lot of plants, I could still eat more green things.
  • Limit my sugar intake.
    • I’ve gotten better about this over the last month. I think time passing since the holidays helped.

Fitness goals

  • Make fitness part of the daily routine.
    • That darn mental fatigue coupled with freezing temperatures makes me not want to work out. I prefer walking outdoors. Treadmills aren’t just boring, but I feel like they’re harmful to my joints. I’m not going to force myself to sit on a cardio machine. That said, I am still doing 30-45 minutes of fitness 3-4x a week.
  • Try to hit my daily step goal more often.
    • I’m not always hitting my goal (15,000), but am usually hitting the daily recommended goal (10,000) daily. It’s nice out this week (global warming is a hoax, amirite?) so I’m going to walk more.
  • Keep up the dog walking routine.
    • Curbing this for now because Barney’s not a fan and he’s sick. More on this later when I feel like I can talk about it.
  • Run more often
    • I signed up to run a 9-mile race next month, so I kind of have to run more often. I have run 3x a week regularly.
  • Set monthly running goals
    • Last month I set a goal of 15 miles and hit 17 miles.
    • This month I want to run 20 miles. I ran 10 last week, so I’m set.
  • Make yoga part of my fitness.
    • This is still cost prohibitive for me since we are aggressively saving for a house. I won’t ever do yoga by myself at home—I’ve tried. I need to get into a studio that has hatha yoga.
  • Strength train regularly.
    • I do this after each of my runs, so 3x a week.
  • Stretch daily.
    • I’m getting better at this. I’m still not stretching as much as I should.
  • Restart chiropractic and massage therapy.
    • This, again, is currently cost prohibitive for me. I hope by midyear I can afford this and yoga.

Reading goals

  • Expand into different genres and authors. 
    • I read a few non-fiction books and I just finished East of Eden by John Steinbeck. I started Gillian Flynn’s Kindle Single and downloaded How Music Works by David Byrne.
  • Read some classics.
    • East of Eden.
  • Hit fifteen books.
    • On #5.
  • Read longer books.
    • I typically read books that are 200-300 pages. I am making an effort to read longer books. 
  • Read for research.
    • East of Eden was research for my novel. I plan to read a few more books like this for research.
  • Hit at least five of my “want to read” list on Goodreads.
    • I’ve read four so far this year.

Music goals

  • Listen to more new artists.
    • I made a “Spankin’ New” playlist on Spotify and have added new releases and listening regularly.
  • Hone some DJ skills.
    • I’m curbing this for now. I thought hard about bringing my vinyl places and decided I don’t want to risk scratching and warping it.
  • Learn more about vinyl.
    • I read A Beginner’s Guide to Vinylast month and am working on taking care of our vinyl collection properly (I guess we were storing it wrong). I now know more about the types of purchases are worth it vs. ones that I need to pass up.
  • Get a shelving system (pretty one) that works for us | Setup stereo equipment
    • We did this! I’m stoked to have our turntable in a great place.
  • Fix dad’s receiver
    • This is cost prohibitive now, but in the plan for later this year.
  • Create a digital backup copy of all of our music
    • Mark’s CDs 
    • My CDs
    • Vinyl / Cassette tapes—still researching a system for this

Household goals

  • Explore the Twin Cities
    • Mark and I are making a list of things to do and will be making more of a concerted effort to do them.
  • Travel outside of the United States
    • Hoping to do this soon.
  • Travel somewhere new (to me) for a weekend
    • No plan in place, but hopefully later this year.
  • Finish quilts and give them away
    • This isn’t a priority for me. The quilts will be there and I’ll always have occasions to give.
  • Plan gallery wall
    • Working on this by doing an art audit to plan what goes where and how to frame.
  • Finish (or trash) painting
    • I painted over it with white (so, trashed?) I might paint over it with something else later, but it’s white for now.
  • Frame artwork
    • Cost prohibitive now, but we plan to frame something once a month after our art audit.
  • Stretch wedding painting
    • See above.
  • Hang art
    • See above.


Lots of things to do this year! What are your 2017 goals?

Love on ya, chimes

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