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Checking on Long-Term Goals from 2009

While Searching for my 2017 Goals, I came across goals I wrote in 2009.

I assigned myself a hefty amount of work with my 2017 goals. I feel like I write goals every year and never check in on them, so this year I set a goal (ha!) to check on my goals.

While hunting for my 2017 goals, I came across some goals I wrote back in 2009. These included some long-term goals that, interestingly enough, I’ve either completed or lost total interest in doing. Maybe the act of writing down goals—whether or not you check on them—helps you complete them. Who knows?

In the spirit of checking in, here are the long-term goals I wrote in this 2009 post, along with some gratuitous images of me from 2009.

mark and me being cute in 2009 //

In 3-5 years (2012-2014) I’d like to …

  1.  … have finished my MFA. Finished in 2016, which was two years past the goal date that I set. I applied and was accepted to start and finish on my original goal timeline, but life happened and I didn’t start until 2013.
  2. … buy a new car. Bought my first new (to me) car that same year in May! My little Yaris is still cruising along.
  3. … move somewhere new and exciting (Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Boston…who knows. NOT Alaska.) I wrote these when I was restless and still learning how to be happy wherever I lived. I moved to Minnesota last year (again, two years past my original goal date), and I set a goal this year to travel more often.
  4. … still be a runner … maybe do a triathalon. I’m still a runner, but have absolutely no interest in a triathalon. I don’t remember ever having interest in this, so it’s strange to find the proof in my archives.

In 10 (2019) years I’d like to …

  1. … have student loans paid off or mostly paid off. I’m on track to pay them off in the next 10-15 years (about 10-15 years longer than 2009-me wanted). 2009-me didn’t anticipate taking out new loans (with better rates!) to pay off old loans. I forgot about the Public Student Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) rules. I had planned to work in public education long enough to pay them off, but only loans that are 10-years old qualify (the short version of the rules). Now, only a small part of what’s left of my loans qualify for PSLF. Either way, I’m glad I wasn’t counting on PSLF because there’s no way in hell it’s still happening given all the other bullshit going on with the government now. (Whoops, was that a rant?)
  2. … be teaching at a University. I’m not teaching—yet—but have my eyes peeled for interesting adjunct jobs. I had an interview set for a multimedia class this spring, but I’ve got too many big projects in the hopper at work, and am still very new, so I wanted to wait a little longer before I added more responsibility to my plate. Meanwhile, I am trying to get in on critiques for classes at the University I work at, and am putting my resumé in for the adjunct pool at my University.
  3. … buy a house or some sort of real estate. We are hoping to buy a house in 2018. I’ve cruised the Zillow app for fun and every week there’s a perfect house that pops up. I hope that this is the case at this time next year when we will be in a place to buy. We renewed our apartment lease through April, 2018, and are taking this time to aggressively save. Grad school(s) and the wedding drained our savings.
  4. … still be a runner, and do that triathalon if I haven’t. Seriously, who the hell wrote the triathalon goal? I’m still a runner and have signed up for a 9-mile race next month. A friend asked me to sign up for a half marathon with her and I managed to talk her down to 9 miles. That was probably a mistake, but I’m not planning on running it fast, so I think I’ll survive. 

Before I die I’d like to …

  1. … get a tattoo. Check, check, check, (check), and check again. I’m probably going to get more.
  2. … run an ultramarathon (only 30 miles though!). I remember wanting to do this, but this is definitely not a thing I’m interested in doing anymore. I still might want to run another marathon, but realize I might not be able to do this. I am perfectly happy not doing either of these things, though.
  3. … get married/start a family. I was hell-bent on getting married. I now consider “starting a family” happening when you add another person to your unit (i.e. not when you have kids because not everybody can have / wants kids). Anyway, I did both of these things last year.
  4. … get an iPhone (haha. how petty this goal is, but I think I’ve got all the goods covered elsewhere.) I don’t remember ever wanting an iPhone that much. I smartphones were new and the iPhone was the best option for a smart phone. I did eventually get an iPhone, and I’m holding on tothis motherfucker until it 100% doesn’t work anymore (kind of like I did with my MacBook I bought in 2006, which I still have … haha).
  5. … finally learn how to play that bass that’s been collecting dust for 4 12 years. LOLLOLOLOLOLOL. This will be a goal probably until the day I die. Every few years I make a concerted effort to learn, but I lose interest fast because it’s hard for me to learn. I want to play bass, but I definitely don’t have the drive to spend the time learning how to do it (don’t hate me, but everything else I want to do usually comes pretty easily). If somebody can figure out how to go to bed one day with no skills and wake up the next day playing like Les Claypool, please let me know.


That was fun to look back on!

Are you a goal setter? Do you check in on your goals often? 

Love on ya, chimes

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