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February Creative Challenge: Halfway Point Check-in

Creative challenge: prepare a chapter of fiction for review // february 2017 lifeplusrunning.com

I can’t believe February is half over.

More than half over, actually.

I started working on my chapter of fiction but haven’t made much progress. Work has been busy and I’m training for a race next month, so I haven’t spent much time writing. I will finish revising my chapter. I was going to pull a section to share with you today, but there’s nothing I’m willing to share now, so that’s not a great sign. I hope that means that getting reviewed will be helpful. My fiction writing is dreadful, so I can use all the help I can get!

Stay tuned! I hope to share something before the end of the month.

I promise. Maybe. 


Do you write? Have you shared any of your writing with others?

Love on ya, chimes

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