January Creative Challenge: Recap – life+running

January Creative Challenge: Recap

January 2017 Creative challenge: Make something for me // lifeplusrunning.com

How did my January challenge end?

January has been a tough month.

It started out hopeful, but then I lost steam. I don’t have creative energy (which is why this blog has been silent). When I get home from work I want to sit on the couch and watch something to shut off my brain (Schitt’s Creek is my current favorite). Knitting while watching TV isn’t difficult, but wanting to do something besides sit and watch TV has become a challenge. Then Mark got sick. And Barney got really, really sick (we are still doing testing — I’ll update when I know more). I picked up the sickness Mark had and stayed home yesterday, so I finished these up.

I ended up making the Everyday Mittens.

I was going to make these mittens with my stash of Madeline Tosh yarn, but these mittens are double stranded, and I didn’t have enough to knit double stranded with Tosh. Instead, I used scraps from Barney’s sweater, from my gradient socks, and a gray bamboo yarn throughout. I didn’t have enough of the dark and light gray left from Barney’s sweater to make the second mitten quite as tall as the first, so they aren’t a perfectly matching pair. I assume I will lose them by the end of the season anyway, but who knows.

Scrappy everyday mittens // lifeplusrunning.com

Scrappy everyday mittens // lifeplusrunning.com

I’m looking forward to wearing my new mittens and finally having warm hands this winter! 🙂


Have you made anything recently? OR What’s your go-to TV show when you want to shut off your brain?

Love on ya, chimes


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