January Creative Challenge: Half-Way Point Check-in – life+running

January Creative Challenge: Half-Way Point Check-in

January 2017 Creative challenge: Make something for me // lifeplusrunning.com

I’ve literally done nothing ! 🙂

Bowie Screwing around // lifeplusrunning.com

Seriously though? I set a goal to make something for myself and of course I’ve failed (so far). Why make something for me when I could make something that makes somebody else happy (or in Barney’s case: warm).

What am I going to do to hit my goal?

I still plan to make a pair of these lovely mittens from Pickles.

Everyday Mittens by Pickles

Everyday mittens // lifeplusrunning.com

And … let’s face it … the dog sweater is kind of for me.

Barney doesn’t care what his sweater looks like — he just wants to be warm. He is perfectly happy with the store-bought crop-top sweaters that never fit him right. I’m planning to finish a second one of these Würstwarmer sweaters. The first one I made (in the picture) is a little big all over, so he is wienering his way out of it. I am most of the way done with his second sweater, anyhow.

Barney's new wurstwarmer sweater // lifeplusrunning.com

Both of these projects will require a cozy afternoon on the couch and a good hot beverage to finish. That sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday!


Are you a knitter? What are your favorite patterns?

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  1. I have friends that knit and they make the best outfits for the newborns I photograph!

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