Sweet Tunes Thursday: January 2017 – life+running

Sweet Tunes Thursday: January 2017

Sweet Tunes Thursday // January 2017 // lifeplusrunning.com

New Vinyl in our Collection

One of my 2017 goals is to listen to more new (to me) music. We added some new vinyl to our collection since Christmas and I’ve listened to most of these.

New albums this month // lifeplusrunning.com

A couple of notes:
  • I had high hopes for the Rockwell album, which I purchased for $1. I thought we would enjoy it as much as we like Human League‘s Dare, which remains our favorite $1 purchase. Rockwell is Berry Gordy’s nephew and this album was released about the same time as Michael Jackson‘s Thriller. It seems to follow a similar formula as Thriller (almost like Thriller rejects) and even features MJ as a guest vocalist on the title track.
  • Both Stranger Things soundtracks are 👌🏼. The packaging, however, is lazy. Both volumes feature the same artwork, which is confusing because they have different music. Not only is the artwork the same on the albums, it’s the same as what’s been featured everywhere else — one poster slapped on everything. Also, the album — purchased brand new — didn’t come with a digital download, which is annoying. I’m still trying to find a system to easily backup our vinyl as digital files, but I’ve counted on new vinyl to provide a digital copy when purchased.
  • ELO belongs to Mark. I feel the need to point that out. 🙂

New Digital Music

I created a “Spankin’ New” playlist on Spotify with the intention of populating it with (and listening to) new releases. I listened to at least 6 albums on this playlist, including Leonard Cohen‘s You Want it Darker, and Solange‘s A Seat at the Table. Both artists are new to me. I didn’t like Leonard Cohen’s album, but I haven’t followed his career and don’t think that he’s my flavor. I’m adding his back catalog to another playlist for later investigation. I loved Solange’s album, and have added to my “Rolling Current Favorites” playlist.

I’m enjoying listening to new releases and can’t wait to see what albums 2017 brings.


What have you been listening to lately?

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