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January Creative Challenge: Make Something for ME + 5 fav knitting patterns

Make something for ME

I had a hard time deciding what to do for this month’s creative challenge. I considered a coding challenge, but that didn’t strike my fancy. I thought about pushing myself to finish the stupid wedding invitations and post them on etsy, but clearly THAT didn’t strike my fancy either. I considered another writing challenge, but don’t have any projects I want to devote this challenge to now. This month, I realized, I feel like crafting.

I love to make things and give them away. That’s probably why I hardly have anything that I made for myself. I have one pair of socks that I knit (and love) that are getting a hole in them. I lost my last pair of mittens. I keep saying I need some new winter gear, so why not knit something(s) for myself?

Enter: this month’s creative challenge.

January 2017 Creative challenge: Make something for me // lifeplusrunning.com


I loved how last month’s challenge worked — a menu with items from which to choose. I’m doing that again. Here are a few options of things to knit for myself. My goal is to make at least one of these things from a really great yarn.

Five Favorite Knitting Patterns

I might try something on the list, or else I’ll go back to my tried-and-true favorite knitting patterns.

  1. Fetching Fingerless Mitts (knitty.com) — I’ve made at least 50 pairs of these and love making them. I now have two pairs in rotation, so probably don’t need to make another pair of these for myself.
  2. Knit Dorm Socks (Ravelry) — I have made at least 10 pairs of these. I’m down to one pair (pictured) and they are starting to get a hole in them. 🙁
    Knit dorm socks in Knit Col self-striping (double strand) // lifeplusrunning.com
  3. Soft Arm Warmers (pickles.no) — I made a pair of these but don’t know what I did with them … probably gave them away as a gift.
    Pickles soft arm warmers // lifeplusrunning.com
  4. Electra Leg Warmers (Lion Brand Yarn Patterns) — I had two pairs of these but lost 1.5, and I miss adding these to the top of my boots in the winter.
    Electra Leg Warmers // lifeplusrunning.com
  5. Everyday Mittens (pickles.no) — I made a few pairs of these a couple of years ago, but didn’t make a pair for myself, which is why I listed them in my options list.
    Everyday mittens // lifeplusrunning.com


Wish me luck!

Are you a knitter? If so, what are your favorite patterns to knit?

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