December Creative Challenge: Recap – life+running

December Creative Challenge: Recap

My December goal: finish three of the following unfinished creative projects

How did I do? I finished three!

  1. Finish Tokens of Kindness book. Didn’t touch. Digging out soon, potentially.
  2. Clean up blog post drafts. I finished and scheduled posts through February. I tossed a lot of drafts. I backdated a few other things that I wanted (for my reference) that I didn’t want to publicize elsewhere.
  3. Post Spring 2017 wedding invites on Etsy.  I don’t think I’m going to do this at all. I have a few new designs but I don’t feel like putting the time into mocking up the matching coordinates to create a listing on Etsy. It’s 8+ hours per design. Maybe later if I’m *really* bored.
  4. Knit Barney’s sweater. I technically finished this, but it, sadly, doesn’t fit. I’m going to pull it apart and start over. I measured him and fit the sweater during the knitting process, but I lost a stitch marker and I think I turned it backwards … 🙁  I didn’t take a picture because he was pissed that I put the sweater on him in the first place. Update: I frogged it and started re-knitting it yesterday. I modified the pattern a little bit and if it fits, I’ll make notes in my pattern and make him another. I’ll post a pic if I finish it before the day is up!
  5. Finish populating portfolio site. I’m not working on this. I want to build a new portfolio site in the next few months, so I’m not putting effort into posting on the old one.
  6. Sew pillows for living room. Didn’t get to this either, although I started ironing and pinning our wedding table runners into future quilts. 
  7. Design wedding photo book. I ordered this on Thursday and I’m so excited! I used my 40% off coupon so the books were $50-something instead of $80-something a piece. Here’s a sneak peek:
    05 13 16 // mark and calee cecconi wedding book // design by 05 13 16 // mark and calee cecconi wedding book // design by
  8. Fix a couple of my P5.js sketches that are borked. I spent this month doing refreshers on HTML and CSS, and next month I hope to learn JavaScript and PHP. I know enough about both of those to fumble through, so hopefully learning won’t be hard. Anyway, once I have a handle on those languages, I’ll fix my P5.js sketches. 
  9. Write two sections of my novel (that are currently notes). Not going to touch my novel for a few months. Still need a break.
  10. Stretch giant painting sections on bars. Was going to bring a smaller painting in to test the framing shop I chose, but haven’t gotten to this. Hopefully next month. Ideally the wedding painting will happen by our first anniversary. 


Did you work on any fun projects this month? 


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