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2016: My Year

2016 May Not Have Been Your Year, but It Was Mine.

There’s no denying that 2016 brought terrible things. Quasi-immortals David Bowie and Prince died (along with a slew of other influential people I loved — now Carrie Fisher?!). Donald Fucking Trump got elected President of the United States. Racism and sexism (still) run rampant. Violence is (still) everywhere. People are (still) suffering for a lot of stupid reasons.

My idols are dead and my enemies are in power // Dangerousminds.net

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2016 sucked, except … a lot of great things happened to me.

I didn’t realize how great of a year 2016 was for me, until Mark pointed it out. I was bitching about all of the horrible stuff  that happened in 2016, and he reminded me that I accomplished a lot this year. He did too. I guess that’s what we can keep doing: accomplishing good things on a personal level, even if those things can’t counteract all the bad shit happening around us.

I killed it in 2016.

These are huge accomplishments. Although, marriage isn’t really an accomplishment per say because it’s not like you can put it on a checklist and get it done. It is an accomplishment to me because Mark and I had been together for so long and it’s nice to finally be “official” even though not much has changed (beyond my last name — which is still weird — and some legal documents).

How can I top this in 2017?  I want to continue learning, making, and growing, even though I’m not in school. I don’t want to stagnate. I want to remain relevant and produce great work. I’m continuing my monthly creative challenges, which should help, and am taking advantage of my job to learn some new things.


Do me a favor and answer me this: Despite all the crap 2016 brought, what great thing happened to you this year?

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  1. Started designing for a magazine with a circulation of 1.5 million, learned I’m moving to New York and spent more time with my mom than any other year 🙂 to name a few

    1. Calee says: Reply

      Way cool! Glad to hear it. Sorry I just saw your comment. 🙂

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