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2016: My Year in Design

Accomplished in 2016:

Goals for 2017

  • Become a more deft coder. Fortunately, work is giving me the opportunity to learn while on the job. We’re doing a redesign of our website and I will need better coding chops to do this.
  • Self publish a design book. I wrote and designed two freaking books. They need an edit (of design and writing). I’m contacting the University of Minnesota Press first, since these are scholarly works.
  • Redesign my blog and portfolio, coding a theme from scratch. Ideally these will have the same theme and my site should look like one cohesive site. The portfolio was never meant as a permanent solution, but I created it as a class project and stop-gap. My current blog theme is of the same vein.
  • Learn a new design technique each month. I’m continuing my monthly creative challenges. Since I work for a design school, work encourages my curiousity to  learn new techniques (and I have time to do so now). I also have access to a screenprinting and letterpress studio, among other things.
  • Become a better typographer. Particularly I want more skill at pair typefaces. I’m re-reading Robert Brighurst’s The Elements of Typographic Style to start.
  • Add new designs to wedding invite shop. Although the sales are low, I’m not abandoning this. I may change the venue and include an e-commerce section with the redesign of my blog and portfolio. It seems appropriate given that I blog about a lot of the stuff I make. Managing the sales myself would probably be less expensive and would get people looking at my other work, rather than at other stuff on Etsy.
  • Get involved with the local design community. The Twin Cities are flush with design. We have a very active AIGA chapter. We have multiple design schools — I work in one. We have a center for book arts. I plan to have a regular pow-wow with our graphic design faculty (some of which graduated from Yale and RISD, and one is responsible for inspiring me to write and design books).


What are your professional goals for 2017?

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