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#PinterestWins: Asian Glazed Orange Chicken

foodiecrush Kills it with This Orange Chicken.

We have been on an Asian food kick lately and have made everything from Indian to Thai to (mostly Americanized) Chinese. This has become one of our favorites. It’s a little time-intensive to create the glaze, but it’s so worth it.

>>Click through for the Asian Glazed Orange Chicken recipe from foodiecrush.<<

A Few Recipe Tips

  • This recipe freezes really well, so we’ll stick half in the freezer to enjoy another day.
  • We typically double the recipe because it makes it worth the time it takes to make it.
  • When she says “fresh orange juice” she means it. We’ve used orange juice and juice we squeezed from oranges, and the latter makes a better product. We made this recipe the first time to get rid of some orange juice and it was good, but not insanely good — like it is with the fresh-squeezed orange juice.
  • We always double the garlic. But that’s a thing we do to almost any recipe.
  • Pair this with a simple stir fry recipe to stretch the servings. It’s so good we’re always disappointed when it’s gone!

Asian Glazed Orange Chicken via foodiecrush.com

Image via foodiecrush.com.


Have you tried any Pinterest recipes lately?

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