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2016: My Year in Books

A Year for Reading and Writing

This year I spent time working to become a better writer. When asked how to become a better writer, often successful authors will tell aspiring writers to read more. So, that’s what I did. Goodreads compiled a nice yearly review of books I logged on their site. This list doesn’t reflect grad school reading (books, articles, papers, etc.), but does show my leisure reading habits.


2016: my year in books via Goodreads.com

Goals for 2017 Reading

  1. Expand into different genres and authors. I read a LOT of Stephen King. I have been since I was a grade schooler. I branch out into other authors occasionally, but I stick pretty close to thriller/suspense/horror.
  2. Read some classics. I re-read Harper Lee’s classic To Kill A Mockingbird this year and am currently reading Steinbeck’s East of Eden*. I’d like to read (for the first time) at least two classics in 2017.
  3. Hit fifteen books. This number is arbitrary, but I set a goal for ten books last year, so I’m aiming a bit higher for 2017. Since I started working, I read less because I mostly used to read between 10 PM and midnight, but I fall asleep at about 10:30 now. I do, however, get to read on the shuttle between campuses (my job is housed in two buildings on two different campuses).
  4. Read longer books. Again, this is somewhat arbitrary. I don’t read longer books because I go a while between reading sessions and sometimes I forget characters and plotlines. Longer books tend to have a lot more characters and plot points (hence the length). I’ve tried reading The Stand a billion times and can’t get through it. There are far too many characters with their own stories for me to remember. This might be a thing others like, but it’s not for me. This probably explains why I don’t like sci-fi/fantasy.
  5. *Read for research. I did a lot of this in 2016 since I wrote my thesis in the spring. I want to research for my novel. I want to read books about sociopaths since my main (two?) characters are sociopaths (Stephanie suggested East of Eden because Cathy Ames is one hell of a sociopath — just got to her intro section last night and cannot WAIT to dig in!). I want to read books about time travel since my novel has a time travel component. I want to read books about Los Angeles since my novel is set in LA.
  6. Hit at least five of my “Want to Read” list on Goodreads. I add a lot of things to this list, but do I ever read things on it?


What did you read in 2016? Have any recommendations on books about sociopaths, time travel, or Los Angeles?


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