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December Creative Challenge: Halfway-Point Check-In


My December goal: finish three of the following unfinished creative projects

  1. Finish Tokens of Kindness bookI haven’t done anything with this so far this month.
  2. Clean up blog post drafts. I’ve been stealthily working on this every morning because this is the easiest thing to pick up and put down within the short time I have each morning. I’m about halfway through my drafts right now. I’m debating on killing a couple of recipes because I made them so long ago I don’t even remember the ingredients.
  3. Post Spring 2017 wedding invites on EtsyThis isn’t happening this month. I’m making a lot of things for the holidays (see: all-day cookie baking) and definitely don’t have time or money to waste on a venture that doesn’t bring me much revenue or joy. The fun part of designing the Spring line is over, and I’m stuck with finishing the matching pieces and posting them, which isn’t fun.
  4. Knit Barney’s sweater. I started this last week and I think I can finish it if I can grab four hours on the couch.
  5. Finish populating portfolio site. I’m not working on this. I’m hoping that I can build a new portfolio site in the next few months, so I’m not putting effort into posting things on this one right now.
  6. Sew pillows for living room. Nope. See #2.
  7. Design wedding photo book. This is happening. I spent all of last night putting photos in a layout. I have a 40%-off coupon for, and I plan to use it on this book since it’ll cost $100 regularly.
  8. Fix a couple of my P5.js sketches that are borked. I’m learning how to work with APIs that have keys, so I think I can finish this sometime soon — maybe not this month.
  9. Write two sections of my novel (that are currently notes). Not going to touch my novel for a few months. Still need a break.
  10. Stretch giant painting sections on bars. Not going to do this right now because of cost. I am going to bring a smaller painting in to test the quality of the framing shop I’ve chosen.


There you have it: progress. I guess all I needed to do was make a list!


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