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December Creative Challenge: Tackle Unfinished Projects

When thinking about a December creative challenge, I thought, what better why to end the year than with a project cleanup challenge?

The last few months’ creative challenges tackled big projects. All three of them left me with unfinished work, which adds to the pile of unfinished work I already have.


My December goal: finish three of the following unfinished creative projects

  1. Finish Tokens of Kindness bookThis is number one because it’s the most important thing here. The world needs kindness right now. I’m so close to finishing this that I can probably do this in a few morning sessions.
  2. Clean up blog post drafts. During the summer I started using IFTTT recipes to create draft posts based on my social media activity and for recurring content on certain days of the month. I also drafted a bunch of content before I started work (and NaNoWriMo). I keep pushing these drafts to later dates. I need to delete some of these, then finish and post others.
  3. Post Spring 2017 wedding invites on EtsyIn September I opened the wedding invite Etsy shop. I haven’t gotten much activity on it (because Etsy’s a flea market, and because my invites are difficult to order because of the way I had to list them to not go broke from listing fees). I haven’t decided if I’m sticking with Etsy or not. I also haven’t decided if I want to keep designing invites. These are two things I need to investigate at some point soon. However, I have a batch of new designs that I need to finish and post on Etsy to keep things rolling and generate interest. I have most of the suites about halfway done.
  4. Knit Barney’s sweater. Poor Barney. He’s always at the bottom of my list, it seems. I’ve been meaning to knit him a perfectly-sized wiener dog sweater for years. I bought this pattern years back, and haven’t knit it. I bought yarn for it last year, but was too busy with grad school and wedding stuff to knit him something.
  5. Finish populating portfolio site. I don’t necessarily need to keep this updated now that I have a job, but it would be nice to finish putting old work on the site so I can keep populating it with new projects as they happen. Through the job hunt, I found that I needed some of my older work on there because it’s more “vanilla” (a.k.a. corporate). I also have a stack of student projects that need to be featured if I ever want a teaching job (including adjunct jobs, which I can apply for now).
  6. Sew pillows for living room. I made some over the summer but didn’t finish these.
  7. Design wedding photo book. I’ve started one, but haven’t finished it. I have a 40% off coupon for, so I really should just get this done before that coupon expires this month.
  8. Fix a couple of my P5.js sketches that are borked. These sketches are currently in my portfolio and need to be fixed due to some API changes from a few different sources. January’s creative challenge is going to be a coding challenge, so this could help me gear up for that.
  9. Write two sections of my novel (that are currently notes). Keeping up with the writing habit would be nice, but I do think I need a break from my novel right now.
  10. Stretch giant painting sections on bars. Our wedding painting is folded up in Mark’s parents’ basement right now. I found a place that does custom framing and stretching, so I need to find time to bring the painting in and work with them.

Yesterday I mentioned that mornings before work are when I feel the most energized to do my own projects. I’m going to keep using this time as I did last month when I worked on my 50,000 word goal. Most of the things on this list are computer projects, which work well for this time. The sewing and knitting will have to fit elsewhere. The knitting is easy to fit in my routine (because I can knit and watch TV at night), I just have to get started.

Here I go. Looks like I already started on #2! 

Do you have a habit of leaving projects unfinished?



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