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November Creative Challenge: Write 50,000 Words [ recap ]

We’ve reached the end of November. How did I do on this month’s creative challenge?

November creative challenge: write 50,000 words //

November’s Creative Challenge: (Just) write 50,000 words.

I participated in NaNoWriMo as part of this challenge, and I am excited to say that I am a winner!


Here’s how I did on my personal goals for this challenge:

  • Write a HUGE chunk of a novel. I wrote more than 50,000 words during this month. Some of these words formed valueable prose. Many of these words created notes for the next phase of this book. A few of these words were research. This thing is starting to make sense.
  • Build my writing chops and become a better writer. I don’t know if I’ve become a better writer because I can’t measure this for myself. I do know that I’ve become better at the act of writing. I can write when other people are around. I can write when I have no inspiration. I have successfully created a daily writing habit.
  • Actually hit 50,000 words.  I can check this one off!

Now what?

Good question! So what do I do with this big chunk of a novel? Nothing! (Right now). 

Some Other Time book cover mockup (joke) //

I need a break from writing this piece to gather more information through research and by reading like works. I plan to draw diagrams and make mood boards for important settings so I can better describe things.

I mentioned my daily writing habit. I want to keep this, but I also want to have time to work on other creative projects. The morning time works well for me, so I’ve decided to dedicate this time to creativity. I probably won’t always use it solely for writing, but I will likely write at least a blog post or notes for something on a daily basis.


Have you participated in NaNoWriMo? What was your experience?


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