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November Creative Challenge: 50K Words (+ a book cover)

Nah, I didn’t hit 50,000 words (yet). I’m around 35,000 and trying to push to write 3000-4000 a day so I don’t have to play catchup after Thanksgiving this week.

Last weekend I planned to write 5000-6000 words a day (re: planning ahead for Thanksgiving) but I ended up catching up on cleaning, organization, and food prep instead, so I was exhausted by the end of the day. Writing in the morning is hard, but it’s a hell of a lot easier for me to get going in the AM than it is at the end of the day. My problem with the morning time has already become sleeping in and completely losing my writing block.

Anyway, back to being an unmotivated writer last weekend …

I am a big fan of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, so I pulled out a tip from her bag o’ tricks: when you’re stuck (or lacking motivation in my case), work on a different craft. I decided to Photoshop a ridiculous book cover mockup for my story, which doesn’t have a real title (or plot) yet.

Here you go. I think it’s pretty hilarious. I put a hotel in the middle of the boardwalk on Venice Beach. 🙂

Some Other Time book cover mockup (joke) //

Once I was done with the book cover I felt a little more motivated to write. Usually I write over here just to get my fingers punching some keys, but that wasn’t working for me last weekend. I like Elizabeth Gilbert’s trick.


What do you do when you get stuck?


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  1. Love this! Adding a cover to your NaNo novel is such a motivator. I haven’t done that yet this year. Miiight end up stealing some time for that today or tomorrow. 🙂

    1. Calee says: Reply

      Email me if you want the PSD for the book mockup. You just paste your design in one of the layers!

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