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Sweet Tunes Thursday: Lady Gaga / Joanne

Lady Gaga: Joanne 2016

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I’ve been digging on Gaga’s new album, Joanne, in Spotify all week. It was released last Friday. I haven’t decided if I’m buying it yet, but am definitely putting it in my Rolling Current Favorites playlist.

Joanne is a seemingly stripped-down departure from Gaga’s usual style, but make no mistake — this album is theatrical. I know Gaga’s a big Bowie fan, and can’t help but think that her latest career shift is a nod to him (ala his shift from Ziggy Stardust to The Thin White Duke).

After reading this fantastically written review on NPR, I decided that I, in no way, would do a review justice. So, instead, take a minute to listen to Joanne (Spotify link) and read that review on NPR (or this one on Pitchfork if that’s more your thing).


What’s your favorite new music release? Are you a Gaga fan?


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