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Currently: October 2016


Just one: It by Stephen King. I started reading this in high school but put it down because of its heft. I’d been working through King’s books in ascending chronological order, but picked up Bazaar of Bad Dreams on a whim and loved it, so I decided to toss out the chronological order rule and just read. I honestly chose It because I liked the redesign of the cover art.

updated cover of Stephen King's It Original Cover of Stephen King's It

(Images from Goodreads)

So far, I love how King constructed It . The book starts in the present when each character gets a phone call about coming home. Then goes into each character’s account of the past events (each remembering while traveling home).

This book will officially be the longest book I’ve ever read. I’m a little embarrassed to type that. But, I’ve got a well-known habit for losing interest in personal projects and books are no exception.


Bowie’s latest release, various hits by The Faint, and some Smashing Pumpkins. You know, same old thing. Check out my latest Sweet Tunes Thursday post if you want the unabridged version.


Sleeping in til 9 AM. I was going to start getting up when Mark gets up for work, but last week I got a wicked sinus infection (on my birthday because why not?), so I didn’t manage to do that. My goal by the end of this week is to get out of bed by 7:30 AM. It’s hard to break the sleeping in habit since I don’t have anywhere to be.


I can’t believe it’s two months straight of boring bare nails! I must write these posts during the week I give my nails a rest.


Lots and lots and lots of water. I drank 3-4 big bottles a day last week when I was sick. I also drank lot of orange juice with chia seeds in it (chia seeds to combat the acid because my stomach has a problem with acid).


Let me tell you about the ridiculous taco pizza that Mark and I made on Saturday night.

Crazy-good tomato-free taco pizza

I can’t eat tomatoes so we’re always trying out different pizzas. We came about this one by accident.

I bought some chorizo and it wasn’t the kind we normally got, so it didn’t cook up the same. It stayed the consistency of spaghetti sauce AND burnt to a crisp on the pan. After trying twice to figure out how to cook this (I don’t give up that easily) and consulting the internet, I decided that I could maybe bake it. So, we did that. Baking at 350° for 20 minutes made the chorizo the consistency of spaghetti sauce, but without the burned pan (win!).

Mark and I decided to use this as a pizza sauce. We mixed in black beans, red peppers, and salsa verde. Topped it with cheese and then baked it at 500° for 12 mins. Then added lots of shredded lettuce and some tortilla chips.

I’ll do an official recipe writeup of this soon. I’m a little sad I let Mark take the last two pieces to work on Monday.

Crazy-good tomato-free taco pizza

Oh, wait: Mark wants me to mention the crust! This was his most perfect crust he’s made to date (they always are — he keeps getting better!). Our pizzas never taste homemade (you know, soggy dough from a box). He kneaded the dough for longer this time and it really did the trick. Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside.


It’s a tie between The Exorcist and South Park. South Park has done serial episodes instead of one-offs for the last two seasons and I’ve loved watching the seasons unfold. I quit watching the show years back but started again last year when Mark told me that they were doing a serial series. Although it’s crude humor (duh), South Park is really smartly written. The Exorcist is just the right amount of scary, and I’m not going to lie … Father Tomas is really attractive.

Side note: I stupidly googled “The Exorcist” and got a ton of images from the original movie. This movie remains the scariest thing I’ve ever seen and I can’t even look at the images on Google. I’m a little worried my laptop is possessed now …


Another slice of that taco pizza. Kidding.

But seriously …

Can I get summer back? Because I miss having 75° weather every day.


Nothing really. This section is complainy. No complaints here!


Hitting my daily wordcount goal for the last five days. I wrote this ahead of time so I hope that this is still true on the day that I hit “publish”.


My dog peeing all over everything ever. Barney’s housebroken but he’s a dachshund so he pees on things when he’s angry, or anxious, or bored. I’m not quite sure how to break him of this because they say to ignore the behavior if it’s anxious peeing, and since I don’t speak dog I’m not sure why he’s peeing, so I can’t punish him. If I catch him I say “NO” and stomp my foot (and he stops midstream) but it’s frustrating finding pee spots all over the house. I think it will be better when I get a job and everybody’s on a regular schedule. The dog is less anxious when things are predictable.

barney //

Also, my dog it 10 years old. So maybe he’s just old and has a hard time holding it.

Any suggestions? Especially from dachshund owners?


The guy who plays Father Tomas on The Exorcist (Alfonso Herrera). I mean … seriously.

Alfonso Herrera // current celeb crush

(la imagen desde Vanity Fair Mexico / image from Vanity Fair Mexico) 


Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. It’s not just a clever name. We don’t buy this much because it costs small fortune per pint ($10 — yikes) but when we do, it’s so worth it. Favorite flavors: Middle West (it’s midwest, yo) Whiskey & Pecans and Goat Cheese with Red Cherries.

This isn’t a pic of Jeni’s ice cream, but I love this picture that I took so I’m including it because it’s my blog and I can. 🙂

#LAchimes preview //


Finally getting over this stupid sinus infection. I wrote this ahead of time so I’m hoping that it’s gone when I finally hit “publish” next week.


I don’t even know. I’m so out of touch with slang. I cruised through Snapchat’s stickers the other day and realized that I didn’t know what most of the slang on the stickers meant.


Lululemon or pajamas. This is how I’m going to roll until I get a job. I could wear normal clothes and dress cute daily, but we’re on a budget and I feel like I’m wasting money using makeup and hair products when I could just wear workout gear and no makeup since I’m just hanging out around the house by myself all day.


The potential for actually having a book by the end of this month. And for NaNoWriMo to start in November so I can keep working on the LA book. I got stuck because I didn’t know what the characters were going to do next. I figured out that I didn’t know what the characters were going to do next because I hadn’t breathed enough life into them. So I went back and added a lot more detail. It inspired me to do this. The characters’ backstory is very important to what they do in my story, just like in that book, so I’m giving a lot more details of important things that shaped the characters.


Excited for Friday because I’m getting a package from Amazon and another from Sephora. We needed some household items and I was out of some of my daily makeup necessities. But mostly, I am pumped for a birthday gift I picked up for myself — a new teapot with a small mesh tea infuser. My old teapot broke, and although I could have bought a new beaker part, I decided that the holes were too big (tea leaves leaked out). I found this guy and hope I’ll like it. I’m a bit nervous about the glass handle.

Bodum Tea Infuser with a stainless filter


Shameless plug:

My stationery line is up and running and I like to go look at it a few times a day because I still can’t believe I accomplished that much in a month. You should go look at it too, even if you don’t want to buy anything because I like getting views (haha) and because there are a lot of pretty things there to look at.

Angie invitation suite //

I designed some stuff when I was slacking on writing. I wanted to make 5 new designs for the spring, but I got carried away. I don’t know if all of them will turn into the spring line, but I am pretty excited about a couple of them.

This one is lip service to nerds. High five if you get this. 🙂

Audrey Horne Invite (coming soon to wedding — email me with requests)

And this one is just way modern art pretty. The geometric texture is actually text that says “love”.

Alexis Invite // coming soon to


Last weekend I discovered I can ponytail my hair again. Mark said that it kind of looks like a manbun from the side, but I like it. Once I have more hair I’ll do something cute with the tail.


What are you currently up to?

Check out all my previous currently surveys. Original survey created by my friend Lauren at Me & the Mountains.

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  1. Ugh, I wish I could sleep until 9! When I retire.

    have I already suggested a belly band for Barney? I probably have. I’m sure somewhere out there, there’s a male dog diaper that he can’t wiggle out of.

    The “rules” for actual November NaNoWriMo say that you’re supposed to be writing 50k words of a brand new project. Not that it matters. I’m so excited to start my new novel! And I’m trying not to feel daunted before it even starts.

    1. Calee says: Reply

      Yeah … I never follow the rules. 🙂

      You did suggest the belly band for Barney, but he would just chew that thing right off. He hates things being around his weiner (he’s chewed sweaters that have brushed it), so I doubt that he’d deal with having that on for more than a minute. I’ll take a peek and see if it’s an option for him for when he travels since he’s a bad house guest.

    2. Calee says: Reply

      Also, I’m going to set the wordcount at 0 (even though it’s closer to 20K). I’d feel like a major cheater if I started with 20K on NaNoWriMo proper (camp’s a diff story). 🙂

  2. Jenn says: Reply

    I love the list! ‘It’ Could not come at a better time. I’ve never been brave enough to read that one. After seeing the moving as a child, i wouldn’t do in a shower that had the same kind of drain for a long time. I should really give it another try. Thanks for the inspiration:)

    1. Calee says: Reply

      Oh man! I’ve never seen the movie but I can definitely imagine it giving you the heebie jeebies as a kid.

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