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My Big Fat Honeymoon Recap — Part 1: Our Cape Cod Hideaway

Oh, hey. So five months ago we left for our honeymoon, which was a two-week getaway in New England. It seems like ages ago … probably because it was. I finally got around to going through photos and decided that I want to recap our experience before I forget everything. This is for me, but if you enjoy it — glad you stopped by!

A Relaxing Vacation

Anybody who’s planned a wedding will tell you that it’s stressful. And anybody who’s gone through grad school will tell you that is also stressful. I did both those things at once. And moved the day I graduated (a week before our wedding). So, when Mark and I started planning our honeymoon, my only request was “something relaxing”.

I hate the idea of all-inclusive resorts. We talked about these because we wouldn’t have to do much of anything at an all-inclusive, but I can’t stand the idea of being in a hotel for that long. I don’t like hotel digs for more than a few days. I also don’t want a bunch of random people around. And I hated the idea of having neighbors the whole time we were on our honeymoon.

We also decided to stay in the US because I don’t have a passport (working on it!) and getting one while trying to accomplish all the other stuff I needed to do was out of the question. It seems silly because it’s pretty simple to get one, but it was just a thing that I didn’t want to add to the list. Plus international travel is more stressful than regular travel.

Colorado, Napa Valley, and Key West came up. But we kept coming back to Cape Cod / Boston. Mark used to travel to Cape Cod as a kid, and I adored Boston when I was there in 2012.

Mark booked the trip (again, too much stuff for me to do!) so I was surprised by all the stuff we ended up doing.

Our Plymouth Hideaway

I requested that we do the Cape first. So, Mark booked us a cute little cabin on a lake (which the locals call a “pawhhhnd”) in Plymouth. Yes, the same Plymouth where the pilgrims landed in years of yore.

He chose Plymouth because it was located by the places he wanted to go to and because of the cabin (and the price of the cabin).

Mark & Calee's 2016 Cape Cod Honeymoon //

This cabin was PERFECT. We didn’t have any neighbors. It was so quiet. The owners had games, so we played games and spent every morning having coffee and working on a huge Cape Cod puzzle.


We chose the cabin because we knew we’d spend a good amount of time there. We sipped wine on the patio at night. I ran around the neighborhood. We made almost all of our meals there (because we knew Boston would be more expensive). We discovered that the couch in the living room folded into a bed, so we spent one day there binge-watching Making a Murderer.

This was my favorite part of our honeymoon. Not the Netflix part. The cabin. There was no pressure to do anything other than hang out. We had a full week here, so we decided to do something “out” every other day and spend the other days just chilling around the cabin. We tried to eat as much fish as possible since we don’t have good fish here in the midwest.


I miss this view. If you like this view, here’s the link to the cabin rental. Note: checkout time is 10 AM, not whatever is listed on the website (I found that out the hard way). 


What did you do on your last vacation? 





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