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Sweet Tunes Thursday: October 2016

This month in music has been a bit exploratory but I’ve definitely been hitting up the usual suspects.

October 2016 tunes // lifeplusrunning.com

With local live shows, The Faint, Gang of Four, and Crystal Castles make an appearance in the Top Artists category this month. I spent some time going through my “Indie / Folk” list, but only got to Aimee Mann. Bowie had a release this month and I was trying to decide if the purchase was worth it for the one album (and many versions of other songs) I don’t already own. I’m not one to buy different recordings of things I own unless it’s a live show that I particularly like (Nirvana’s Live at Reading is the best example I have of that). Anywho, I decided the purchase wasn’t worth it. Finally, Pumpkins make an appearance of course.

October 2016 tunes // lifeplusrunning.com

I also went through a day-long T-Rex listening binge, but it’s not reflected here. The Faint gets the most plays because I’ve been trying to run more often (although a sinus infection had other plans).

October 2016 tunes // lifeplusrunning.com


What have you been listening to lately?

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