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October Creative Challenge: Publish a Book

October Creative Challenge: Publish a book // www.lifeplusrunning.com

On Friday I mentioned I’ve been doing creative challenges to keep from dying of boredom hit my creative goals while unemployed. Last month’s creative challenge was to revamp my etsy wedding stationery line. I knocked that one out of the park by hitting a ton of design goals.

This month’s creative challenge: publish a book.

I’ve wanted to publish something for a long time but never had the guts to actually pull the trigger.

I have a few options for this challenge:

  • Revise (writing and design) the (still untitled) design book I wrote in 2015 and get it approved by the powers that be.
  • Rewrite my LA Romance Novel (jokingly titled 50 Shades of LA). It’s taking less of a romance and more of a mystery / thriller direction.
  • Put together a kit / guide book for my Tokens of Kindness experiment.
  • Something completely different. 

Goals for this challenge:

  • Share a written piece for public consumption (hardcopy or e-book).
  • Finish a writing project. Publishing it (anywhere) is the final step!
  • Build my writing chops. Yeah, I can write 2,000 words in an hour, but are they useful? I’m not striving for good — to ask myself to publish only what I deem good means I’d never publish anything. We are our own harshest critics. 
  • Become a better writer. This means something different to everybody. For me it means gaining more ability to write while other stuff is happening (like I do with design), and working on brevity, construction, and grammar. 
  • Oh, also … probably should include: design a different type of publicationI’ve designed books and magazines, but never a novel or an ebook. 

I think I’m going to start working on the LA book because it’s the most fun project. I had almost 50,000 words written of the first draft, but I decided the story was too fan-fictiony (I inserted all the fun stuff I did on my trip there) and am going in a different direction. I’ve been reading a lot of Stephen King lately, so this project could turn into something interesting.

Worst case? I think I can pull together the Tokens of Kindness book in a couple of weeks if the LA book doesn’t go as planned.

Here we go!


Do you ever challenge yourself to do something scary? 




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  1. Tamara says: Reply

    ooh, I love this!! I already set an intention to write a small, non-fiction book this fall, so I am inspired to join you in making big headway in october!!!! <3

  2. Tamara says: Reply

    I love this!! I intend to write a non-fic book this fall, so I will have to join you on this October challenge. Kudos and keep us posted on which project you choose! xo

    1. Calee says: Reply

      Thanks! Good luck to you. NaNoWriMo is just around the corner, so if I don’t make it in October, there’s November. But I want to do something, so I need to keep rolling.

      1. Tamara says: Reply

        Yes, I’m all set for NaNo, I think. I’ll technically be “cheating” because I’m working on more material for a novel I started several Novembers ago. I’d also still like to write that non-fic book this fall/winter… Have fun!

        1. Calee says: Reply

          I’m definitely cheating, but that’s cool. Use it for what you need to use it for. 🙂

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