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Sweet Tunes Thursday: 2-day Dance Party

It’s a 2-day dance party in my world!

I’m going to two shows in two days featuring post-punk and electronic bands I love: The Faint, Gang of Four, and Crystal Castles. I seriously need a concert budget because living in the Twin Cities means lots more live music.

Here are my fav tracks from the bands I’m seeing.

The Faint

I’ve seen The Faint at least six other times, but they’re my favorite to see live so I always get a ticket if they’re in town. They always have a bitchin’ light show and I love dancing for two hours straight.

jacob thiele of the faint at first ave 12/13/2012 // lifeplusrunning.com

todd fink of the faint at wooly's on 4/24/2014 // lifeplusrunning.com

The Faint’s playing First Avenue, which isn’t my favorite venue (blasphemy, I know*). Last time I saw them there I nearly got squished on the railing, but it was worth it. I think I’ve been in the front row almost every time I’ve seen them, so I’m going to sit back and have a beer and let other people get close this time.

Totally going to be a nerd and wear my old-school Danse Macabre shirt I made in college. 🙂

the faint t-shirt recon from 2007 // lifeplusrunning.com

We played a couple of The Faint’s songs at our wedding and I was surprised to find out how many other people know (and love) this little Omaha band. I’m glad they’re still around and are still making new music. They’ve got three new tracks on a compilation (Capsule 1999-2016). that comes out tomorrow. Two are available to purchase separately but the third is only available with the album purchase. I love them, but I can’t justify buying an album with everything we already own on it just to get one song!

*I’m short and First Ave is too big for me to see anything without getting close. Though, I’m totally getting a selfie with Prince’s star outside the building this time. 

Gang of Four

The Faint’s opener is Gang of Four — late-70s post-punk new wave (whatever? genres blend!). I had no idea they were still around. My first introduction to them was on the Marie Antoinette Soundtrack my senior year of college. I hated that movie but loved the soundtrack, which I played on repeat for most of my last semester of college. I’m amazed that “Natural’s Not In It” doesn’t give me Xacto knife / rubber cement flashbacks. We have Entertainment on vinyl and it’s one of my favorites. I’m almost more excited to see Gang of Four than The Faint because I’ve never seen them before.

Crystal Castles

Finally, tomorrow night I’m going solo to the sold-out Crystal Castles show at the Varsity Theater.

Crystal Castles is to my grad school adventure what the Marie Antoinette soundtrack was to my undergrad experience (huh, I just realized that as I typed it). I almost literally only listened to Crystal Castles from February to May this year. Much of my thesis was written while standing in the kitchen of this apartment jamming out to “Baptism” and “Crimewave“.

I have no idea what to expect from their live show but I’m going to put on my black lipstick and go.


What are your favorite bands to see live? 


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  1. I’m sad I’m not going to Crystal Castles with you! Just too many road trips this summer. Rock out for me! 😉

    1. Calee says: Reply

      I’m sad too! Somebody needs to hurry up and develop teleportation. I’ll be sure to wear some glitter for you. 😉

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