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Wedding Wednesday Vendor Highlight: Camrose Hill Flowers

When Mark and I started wedding planning, I declared that flowers were a waste of money.  A friend confessed she was disappointed in her (expensive!) wedding florist. So, I committed to getting a bouquet of whatever from the local grocery store the day of my wedding. Friends of mine had done that and it worked out fine for them.

As time went on, I noticed that I had a particular idea for how my bouquet should look. Because of this, my mother-in-law convinced me to talk to a florist. I decided to talk to Camrose Hill Flower Farm because I liked the owner, Cindie, who I’d met previously when we were shopping around for venues (psst — they have a fab flower farm for all-outdoor events!).

Creating the perfect bridal bouquet

I brought Cindie photos of what I loved AND what I hated. Cindie was really excited to work on my ideas. I wanted to use flowers that would be in season in Minnesota in spring, such as lilacs and bleeding hearts, and avoid using roses because they’re blasé. I later realized that most of my flowers wouldn’t really be in season at the time of our early May wedding.

Cindie and her assistants kept in touch with me and even had me come in and take a peek a few days before the wedding. The good thing about my flowers vs. typical wedding orders was that I wasn’t too particular about the type and color of flower. I’d given her my large color palette and pictures of other decor, asked for a good variety of light vs. dark (and lots of bright!), and nothing matchy matchy.

Pictures of bouquets I loved

Bouquet from Oak Knoll Ranch Wedding on SMP

Image via Style me Pretty // Photo by Charla Storey

Playful Rustic Fiesta Wedding bouquet on Green Wedding Shoes // Photo by Katie Pritchard Photo

Image via Green Wedding Shoes // Photo by Katie Pritchard Photography

Image via Green Wedding Shoes // Photo by Christian Oth Studio

Image via Green Wedding Shoes // Photo by Christian Oth Studio 

My gorgeous spring flower farm bouquet

Camrose Hill Flower Farm nailed it!

Mark and Calee Cecconi wedding //

Confession: When they delivered my flowers, I was a little disappointed in the bouquet. It was gorgeous and had the perfect flower / color combo, but it wasn’t as big as I’d envisioned. I kept saying I wanted it HUGE. I’m a little person. I think they were afraid it would be TOO big for me. Fortunately, their studio is right down the street from our venues, so within 15 minutes of asking for a change, they returned with my PERFECT bouquet.

Mark and Calee Cecconi wedding //

Mark and Calee Cecconi wedding //

Mark and Calee Cecconi wedding //

chimesdesign wedding and party stationery //

Mark and Calee Cecconi wedding //

Beyond the bouquet

When talking to Cindie, I realized that I wanted them to create a few other special pieces for me. If I was going to pay a florist, I was going to pay a florist to do it up right. Aside from asking for the world’s biggest bouquet, I also asked Camrose Hill to do a couple of other oddball things.

Over-the-shoulder bridesmaid corsages

First, I wanted somebody to wear a gorgeous over-the-shoulder flower corsage. Cindie confessed that she’d never done anything like this before but she wanted to create one for my big day because these corsages were so fun.

Bridesmaid Corsage Montage by One Fab Day

Image montage from One Fab Day

Originally I had ordered one of these for my MOH and both mothers, but then I realized that neither one of the moms would be comfortable with this much flare. Instead, we did larger-than-usual pin-ons for them.

 My favorite piece: this over-the-shoulder maid-of-honor corsage

Mark and Calee Cecconi wedding //

I have no idea how this was pinned onto my MOH, but she made it her goal to dance it off (and she didn’t succeed!). It came with a little shoulder pad to help balance it. The structure of all my flowers was unmatched — even the persnickity lilacs and bleeding hearts made it through the weekend!

This flower corsage was my absolute favorite piece and went really well with Steph‘s one-shoulder dress.

Mark and Calee Cecconi wedding //

Flower crown fit for a princess

Besides the extra-special corsage I’d asked for, I considered ordering a flower crown. But, I felt like it might be too much. A couple of months before our wedding, however, I became convinced I *needed* a flower crown when Snapchat released their flower crown filter.

I particularly liked the look of these two crowns.

Hair Flower crown via Hair and Makeup by Steph

Image from Hair and Makeup by Steph


Image from Offbeat Bride // Photo by Ryan M. Bach

My flower crown fit for a queen.

Mark and Calee Cecconi wedding //

Camrose Hill delivered my crown as a line of flowers on a vine not formed into a circle. Cindie and I decided this would be best because we had no idea how big my hair would be that day, or how I’d want to wear the crown. I’d have more options this way, and that if I didn’t have time to put it on, we could use the flowers as decor instead. Her idea appealed to my sense of multi-purposing everything, and the fact that I didn’t have a plan for how I’d wear my hair.

With help from my bridesmaids and an army of bobby pins, my flower crown was a success. It was heavy but it stayed put most of the night.

Note: I have a TON of thick hair. This option would not work for somebody with fine hair. If I had fine hair I might have asked for her to put the crown on a headband instead. 

Mark and Calee Cecconi wedding //

I especially loved the jasmine leaves that circled the back of my head. The flower crown went well with my big messy hair.

Mark and Calee Cecconi wedding //

Etcetera — other bouquets

Originally I had stuck to my guns about flowers as decor: purchase at the store in the morning and call it good. But when I saw the price per decor bouquet that Camrose Hill quoted me (for comparison’s sake), I changed my mind. The price wasn’t much different, and having the florist do it saved my guests on decor duty from putting together bouquets. Plus, I never would have found lilacs in the store!

I ended up saving money by ordering bouquets for half of my tables and putting candles on the other half. This was in my original plan anyway.

Here’s what one of my table bouquets looked like. No two were the same. Again, I hate matchy matchy. I hope these were fun to put together!

Mark and Calee Cecconi wedding //

Besides the bridal bouquet being delivered smaller than I’d wanted, the bridesmaid bouquets were the ONLY thing I was disappointed with. I didn’t ask to have these changed because I thought it would be too picky, and my maids really liked them.

I think the mistake was my fault because I had asked for a single large peony plus a small “spray” of something. I’m guessing “spray” means something different than I thought because I ended up getting full-on bouquets when I really just wanted a single peony with a little bit of green and something small (like baby’s breath, but definitely not baby’s breath). Nobody else noticed and these bouquets were gorgeous. They didn’t quite fit my vision for the ceremony. Kim offered to rip them apart, but I told her to leave them because it really didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things — and they were pretty!

Mark and Calee Cecconi wedding //

All in all, I loved working with Camrose Hill. My only wish is that my flowers would have stayed alive forever! And that’s a lot to ask of flowers.




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