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Throwback Thursday: The Time I defended my MFA Work as Garth Algar

I’m finally enough removed from grad school to share this gem with you.

Sometime during my last few months of insanity grad school I thought it would be a good idea to defend my thesis in top ten lists. As my insanity heightened defense date grew near, I not only thought that the top ten lists would make for a good presentation, but I decided that I should design my presentation in Wayne’s World-style top 10 lists. And, finally, at the peak of my insanity right before my defense, I decided to say screw it, and dress up as Garth while I was at it.

Garth Algar "Live in the now" //

I felt a little like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz that day as I’d cobbled together pieces of my Garth getup from my friends closets:

  • A wig from my friend Maggie, who’s a fan of cosplay
  • Drumsticks from Ryan, who can magically make music on any instrument
  • Julian‘s lucky shirt … we’re not going to further discuss why this shirt is so lucky
  • Fake glasses from Sam, who has perfect eyesight and wears them as a fashion statement.

Defending my thesis as Garth Algar. from Calee Himes Cecconi on Vimeo.

Looking at this footage makes me laugh — and not for my intended reasons. I look like an idiot now but I felt like a rockstar delivering my defense that day. Most people are nervous about passing. I wasn’t. I was just trying to keep my jokes straight … and not accidentally toss a drum stick into my audience (which, for the record, was one of the largest audiences in the college history of thesis defenses with a whopping 8 in attendance).

Anyway, if you hadn’t gleaned that I’m not afraid to make an idiot of myself … well, now you have proof.


Have you done anything ridiculous lately?

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