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Wedding Wednesday: DIY Marquee Letters

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Happy Wednesday!

I’ve got a super-easy DIY to share with you today.

Last summer we found some really fun-looking marquee letters at Michael’s for ultra cheap ($5 each I think). So, we picked them up and gathered some materials to customize them for our wedding.

We loved the copper ink that we used on our invites (below) so we decided to pull the copper into our event through other design elements, like these marquee letters.

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I somehow talked Mark into getting glitter paper to customize these marquee letters. We also got some metallic copper spray paint to use for these and a few other DIY decorations we made (more to come!). We wanted the letters to look like they were made of something besides heavy paper.

This DIY couldn’t have been more easy. The kits we bought came with templates, so cutting the letters out of the glitter paper was mega easy. I started by cutting out the circles, but realized that I could just cut squares because the lightbulbs would pop through and cover the edges anyway. That saved me a ton of time.

We spray painted the letters, added the glitter paper, and popped the lights through.

To recap:

  1. Cut out the letters using the template provided with the kit.
  2. Paint the outside of the letter.
  3. Put the paper letter inside the sculpted letter.
  4. Pop the lights through.
  5. Turn on! Battery required, which is (of course) not included. 

Super easy!


Because these were so cheap, we ended up having to superglue a few parts of the letters so that they would stay put. You can see the ampersand (&) coming apart in a couple of places in this photo.


Here’s how our DIY Marquee Letters looked at our reception.

We’re planning on putting them in our apartment once I’ve got time to dig through our wedding decor and find them. 🙂



Have you ever made a DIY project from a kit? How did yours turn out?


PS: I just realized I’ve already shared this project … d’oh. I like this write-up better, so I’m keeping them both. 🙂 Here’s the original post.

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