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Runner Safety Refresher

I got a text from my mom yesterday about a wave of deaths in the running community. All females. All my age. Here’s the article on Runner’s World talking about these (seemingly unrelated) deaths.

This is scary! I don’t run like I used to, but I’m trying to get back in the habit of running more often. I never go out at night (but night will be 5 PM soon) and I stick to the busy roads in my super-populated neighborhood. Either way, these deaths are scary — and way too close to home. I always run on vacation and that last death in the article sounds like something that easily could have happened to me.

I think it’s worth refreshing everybody on some running safety tips I shared with you a few years back. These are written by Beth Risdon, marathoner (and now ultra-marathoner?) behind Shut Up + Run. I prettified them so people could pin them and share them more easily. Originally posted in 2012. Share these around!

safety tips for runners by Beth at // graphics by calee at

safety tips for runners by Beth at // graphics by calee at

I’m still on the fence about varying running routes. If you run the same route every day, people know where you’ve been … but then perps know where to find you.

Use your head and be extra careful out there!



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