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Gift Economy Case Study: Karma Kitchen // #chimesthesis

Another modern-day example of a gift economy is a pay-it-forward restaurant called Karma Kitchen.


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At Karma Kitchen, you pay what you want — but you’re not paying for the meal you receive. Instead, you’re paying for the next customer’s meal. Karma Kitchen isn’t just one restaurant — it’s become a model for lots of restaurants that have popped up around the world. 

Furthermore, Karma Kitchen not only relies on the principle of paying it forward, but also the idea of pay-what-you-want to not only cover the cost of the meal but the cost of the labor involved. This project is founded by Nipun Mehta, an expert in gift economies. Mehta says that gift economies start with

“… a simple thing—be kind today … even if just for a moment, that’s how the whole pattern emerges”.

This really stuck with me — be kind and a pattern (of kindness) emerges. I sought to create this with my research.



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