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Myopia + MIA    

Although I spend a lot of time in the Twin Cities, I do not take advantage of the arts and culture as often as I would like. I kept hearing about a new exhibit by Mark Mothersbaugh featured at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA), so I decided to go. It turned out that admission to the MIA is free, and only some exhibits cost money — the one we wanted to see did not.

We took advantage of the free admission, and looked at as much art as we could cram into the three hours before the museum closed. Some of Mark’s favorite pieces were the ancient Asian art, like these statues:

Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA)

My favorite pieces were (of course) abstract. This is part of John Cage’s Seven Days (Not Knowing) work. John Cage was a composer, but he was learning printing techniques and used one new one each day of this journal.

Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA)

I can’t see the signature on this piece, but it looks to be by Matisse or one of his contemporaries.

Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA)

I also really enjoyed the contemporary Native American art. This piece pretty much sums up the sentiment held within the works of art in that category.

Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA)

Finally, we reached the exhibit we had came for: Myopia by Mark Mothersbaugh. This was a collection of prints, sounds, and other works of art by Mothersbaugh. Here are some of my favorite pieces.

This is a shot of some of his light-sensitive posters. The pieces look different depending on what kind of light is shone on them. This is what they look like under black light.

Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA)

Here are some more large prints.

Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA) Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA)

My favorite piece of the Myopia exhibition was this sound machine. Mothersbaugh made this creation that played midis (or some other sort of sound file) through different instruments and noise makers.

Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA)

It’s more exciting if you can hear the machine at work. Check out the video clip below. 🙂

Finally, we came to a huge room filled with albums upon albums of postcards that Mothersbaugh had sketched over the years. I’ve recently been painting sketches on postcards, so I really enjoyed this portion of the exhibit.

Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA)

At the end of the exhibit, there was a room with blank postcards and colored pencils. People were asked to draw something and drop their drawing in a postcard exchange. Here are the postcards that Mark and I created for the exchange.

Minneapolis Institute of Art (MIA)

I really enjoyed our visit to the MIA, and am interested in hitting up some more of the museums in the Twin Cities area soon. I need to hit the museums in the Des Moines area before I graduate and move away next year.


Have you gone to your local art museum? OR What kind of art (if any) is your favorite, and why?

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