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Gradlog Week … ???

A while back I started a newsletter format to keep up with my blog. I re-read a couple posts in that format and decided I really liked that format.

So, in true Calee fashion, I bring you something completely different.

Haven’t had time to keep up on what’s been happening because so much exciting stuff has been thrown my way that I can barely contain myself.

Here’s a quickie list of sparkly, shiny, and awesome things in my life:

  • Had my first chili since the tomato allergy. (Hint: we used tomatillos).
  • Marky Mark and I had an amazing date night to see Pippin at the Orpheum in Minneapolis.
  • My bestie had a birthday.
  • My other bestie got me an awesome pink album.
  • I managed to start watching Twin Peaks at exactly 11:30 AM on February 24 (a.k.a. the time that Coop enters Twin Peaks). NERD ALERT!
  • I attended a killer, kickass, face-melting workshop. Will explain more later, but I blogged here if you’re interested.
  • Tomorrow I am interviewing some talented designer / maker folks about their work and the status of design.
  • I’m going to NYC next month for my other other bestie’s wedding. NYC virgin. Will be a fun trip!
  • I’m DJing Kaleidoquiz on Friday. Will be fumbling through Spanish pronunciation of Spanish rock. Wish me luck.

There’s more stuff but I’m too tired to talk about it. Instead, here is a collage of my recent Instagram photos I threw together for you because I needed to make something funky and it’s been too long. See if you can spot all the stuff I put in there … Sorry, no prizes.

stuff collage //

My favorite part of this is the “is it Mark / is it Coop” double exposure Photoshop job I did. 


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