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Stuff ‘n’ stuff.

Hey there.


I’ve got a moment now, so I thought I’d catch up on things I’ve been up to lately. Mostly, I’ve been writing and doing things in other places (here, in my crappy YA novel, and in various scholarly places). Mostly, you’ll find me writing and sketching in notebooks here:


And likely I’ll be wearing this because it’s February and I am living in this hoodie and beanies. Being a student again is nice. Mondays and Wednesdays I sleep in because I go to the gym between class, so I toss on gym clothes in the AM and can skip making myself look pretty before class. I do that after the gym … sometimes. The trade off is that I’m usually late for my first class because I think it isn’t going to take long to get ready because I skip all the primping … oops. Like today … (double oops!).


I rearranged my room and put my bed in the corner. I basically live in a dorm, so there’s not a whole lot of space. Now I’ve got more floor space and my bed is a giant pile of pillows and blankets, so it’s even harder to get out of bed in the morning.


We had a pretty decent amount of snow fall last week. It’s pretty much all gone now though because Iowa can’t decide if it wants to have an actual winter or not (no complaints here!). I went for a run/walk/hike/jog in the snow last Sunday and captured some pretty beautiful outdoor photos. This is part of a walkway behind my apartment.







I’m kind of behind in my classes, but I kind of don’t care. Some of the classes I’m taking don’t have much to do with what I’m doing for my thesis, so I’m choosing to do B- or C-level work in those classes so I can think more about important things I need to do and so I can enjoy my time rather than feeling frazzled and behind. So I got out my sewing machine, which ended up working out quite nicely anyway because I was able to use it for a project I’m working on, and I may try to use it for my packaging design class since I’m working on sustainable design.

On Friday I needed some relaxation, so I got out all of my fabric scraps (there is a MOUNTAIN of scraps), ironed, and sorted them all by size and color. I do this every once in a while because there is something relaxing in the organization process that I don’t get with organizing things digitally or with cleaning/organizing my apartment. This is calming. I now have a bunch of ironed and sorted fabric that is probably just going to be in a bag for ages until I decide to get it out and iron / sort it again.



I came across this absolutely fabulous piece of fabric. I think this one was one from my granny’s scrap collection. It has a really neat contrast to it with the black and red and there’s a grid structure that makes it look really modern. I decided to see if I could make a bag with it that’s less “girly” than the stuff I usually make. I also decided to see if I could mimic the grid structure with some really straight-line quilting.


Here was my end result. I ended up gifting this to my friend who is obsessed with containers for everything. He couldn’t believe I created something with such straight lines and perfect corners … as if I sacrificed a lamb to get that type of patience is what he said.



Even though I’m a little behind in work, I’ve been trying to catch up in play. Actually, I took this photo when I was doing an assignment for my sound design class. I thought this was hilarious and kind of a cool pic.


My friend Seth came to visit a few weeks back and the stars aligned so that Mark was in town as well. I get to see Mark again FINALLY this weekend for Valentine’s Day, so I really need to catch up on my work so I can be ahead of the game since everything ever is due the week after Valentine’s day.

Just look at those beards … 


My grad school buddies and I have been doing Thursday nights out because nobody has anything on Friday (wuuuuut?!), so it’s been a nice night to wind down with a couple of beers at the London Underground.


Anywho … I gotta get back to this. At least Barney will be happy to hang out while I read and study and catch up.



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