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This is Halloween.

Halloween is the one holiday where I go all out. In the past I’ve dressed as Courtney Love, Madonna (the cone years), and this year I dressed as Dame Edna Everage. Originally I wanted to dress as Frank-n-Furter from Rocky Horror, but I decided that I didn’t want my students to see me mostly naked. Turns out that my soul sista, Laura, dressed up as Frank-N-Furter, and she rocked it. 

I did some digging and tried to find a costume that would work with my purple hair, and would also be a low investment of time and money because I don’t have much of either these days. It came down to Ramona Flowers or Dame Edna Everage. Dame Edna won out because she’s a classy lady. I also liked that the costume was a more exaggerated version of me than Ramona Flowers would have been. And I liked that I was still getting to cross dress and dress in drag.


(Ramona Flowers) [source]


(Dame Edna Everage) [source]

I bought my costume and had it ready to go for the weekend of the 25th, but I got buried in homework. I found out that some of my design grad student friends were having a party on Halloween, and I decided to go. I needed a night out before I busted my butt the rest of the weekend (and following weeks months years). Mark was down for the weekend, and I informed him that he was going to this Halloween party with me after he got there, which was a bummer for him because he didn’t have a costume. There was discussion of him being Burt Macklin from Parks and Rec, but ultimately we decided the costume didn’t really matter. Although, he did show up at the party dressed as the Unabomber because he had a hoodie and some aviators, but he quickly shed them as the party heated up.

Here’s my Edna costume in its full glory. Those are official glasses. I punked out and bought my costume this year because I didn’t have time to make anything. Behind me in the pink boa is my friend and fellow graphic designer who I swear did not dress as Outside Dave, but totally is kind of pretty much Outside Dave from New Girl. The guy to the right of me was one of the party hosts and he was a pretty convincing Forrest Gump.

dame edna everage halloween // // photo by ryan hubbard

People brought their A game to this costume party.  These two wore my favorite costumes: Patrick and Gary from Spongebob. What was really cool is that most people made their costumes and / or went really low budget.


This costume made me laugh pretty hard. It was a major short girl win: 16 and pregnant. She makes me want to cut off all my hair again … 

16 and pregnant halloween // // photo by ryan hubbard

This guy is my brother from another mother that I haven’t mentioned here yet, mostly because I’ve not been blogging much since I’ve been hot and heavy into grad school. This is my friend Julian. We’re both graphic designers that have a similar background (training … he’s from South America), and are interested in the same sort of things (sound and image). He keeps me on my toes. We’ve developed a tag team sort of mentality for grad school: when I’m burnt out, he takes over and vice versa. He’s my dude bro.

Anywho, this kid didn’t have a costume until an hour before the party, so I tagged in and hooked him up. We went to the nearest big box store and decided for $10 or less, he’d have a costume within the hour. After walking around for a while, trying to convince him to just let me dress him like a woman (this is always my goal with male friends and Halloween), and discussing this costume, we came upon some fake roses, to which I said, “YOU WILL BE THE BACHELOR.” I thought it was a genius idea because he could wear a suit (and who doesn’t look good in a suit?) and hand out roses to the ladies all night. (You’re welcome). 

halloween // // photo by ryan hubbard

So, typically at parties I end up running the music. It happens. I am a born DJ. It’s cool. I sometimes force my way into it … I DJed a bunch of awesome songs and we all danced. I have no idea what we were dancing to here, but it was intense (Mark’s appendages are  in the back left … he doesn’t usually dance).

halloween // // photo by ryan hubbard

I think this was before I somersaulted into the kitchen. That happened. This is why I only have about one party in me a year. This was it.

halloween // // photo by ryan hubbard

DESIGNERS UNITE. Here’s a couple of pix of the graphic design people at the party. The guy in blue threw the shindig, and I swiped these pictures from him. I think Mark actually took this one, and the one of me and Julian, the bachelor (yes, ladies, he is really single, and no, he didn’t tell me to put this plug in here, OK maybe he might have mentioned it once), was technically a selfie.

Also, note that the tall guy in the back on the right is a TARDIS and he made that costume earlier on Halloween by taking a blue Snuggie and taping two pieces of white paper on for windows, painting “Police Box” on it, and pinning it shut in the back. Brilliant.

halloween // // photo by ryan hubbard

We do serious design too. Of course I threw the devil horns because … metal. And I thought it was funny to give my pal some bunny ears. Because I’m 12 30.

halloween // // photo by ryan hubbard


Did you dress up as anything for Halloween?


What was the best costume you saw this year? 

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  1. Mom says: Reply

    Yours was the best, it always is. You rock Halloween each and every year and I always look forward to your costume. This one surpasses all! You win Halloween!

  2. I LOVE your costume! It couldn’t be more you. Though I think we should make it a goal to for Halloween together one day. It would be unforgettable.

  3. kim says: Reply

    LOVE your costume! you’re so adorable! Hope to see you’re when I’m back in Iowa for t-day! With my sparkle partner!!

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