Grad Log: Week 3 – life+running

Grad Log: Week 3

Hey hey hey.

I’m going to a semi-weekly newsletter format since I’m not able to blog in the way that I typically do (that is: one topic per post, with the post packed with helpful info). I’ll still sprinkle in a good informative post every once in a while (product reviews / recommendations, recipes, craft tutorials, etc.), but for now, I’m most interested in journaling to keep track of life and my thoughts.

Maybe. It’s probably going to keep morphing, but hey, isn’t that what blogging is about?

I suppose you want a pretty picture to go along with this article. So here’s a digital doodle I did in my digital drawing class last week. It’s from an original photo by my friend Kim, and I overlaid a bunch of stuff and painted on it with the brushes in Photoshop. Fun stuff.

digital doodle by chimesdesign // original photo and painting by kim kullmer

Call me Dr. Chimes

Not only can you call me D J chimes, pretty soon you’ll be able to call me Dr. chimes.

That’s right. I finally figured out a way to get a PhD. For those of you not following along, I’m a designer and there is no PhD. I’ve been working on my terminal degree in my field (Master of Fine Arts = MFA), which will allow me to teach in my field at the college level. Turns out that there is a PhD program in a similar field (Human Computer Interaction) at my university, and that to obtain that PhD on top of the MFA it’s just a few extra classes and one tiny little (ha) dissertation. So, guess what I’m planning to do now?

That’s right. I’m planning to cram a bunch of major life events into 2016: defending my masters’ thesis and graduating with my MFA, getting married, (maybe buying a house?), (maybe moving?), defending my PhD dissertation, graduating with my PhD, and (maybe running a marathon in there too).

Hello, 2016.

I. Love. Teaching.

I think I already talked about this, but I love teaching. I did luck out and got a really great batch of students who are pretty talented and listen to directions (mostly). It probably also helps that I’m teaching a topic that I know fairly well. My love of teaching may fade next semester if I get a different type of class demographic. I’ll also be teaching stuff I’m not as familiar with anymore (sad face): web and video. I’m hoping to brush up on all of that over winter break so not only will I be able to teach, I’ll finally be able to update this bloggity blog over here to the latest version of PHP without the theme turning into a giant mess. I’m hoping to be able to actually understand what I’m doing when I code rather than just working through a tutorial and praying it works.

Group projects suck

One thing I forgot about college is the misery that is group projects. Remind me of this when I have full reign over classes in the future. Group projects are terrible. I typically end up doing all the work and / or dictating how all the work is done. Not only that, but I have a normal human schedule (you know: 8-5, M-F) and the other students don’t. So I’m going to have to meet with people at weird times, and that doesn’t jive well with me.

I’ve got a group project for a class that is a monster. The group is the entire class. That’s right. TWELVE people are doing a group project. The project goes all semester. This is going to either get dicey really fast and totally suck, or it’s going to be really awesome. Hopefully the people that are awesome are loud and take charge so that the crappy idea factories don’t get a chance to take over and make this project totally suck.

I can only hope. Or pray? 

I have running buddies!

I’ve lived in this town for almost 12 years (yikes!) and I’ve been a runner for nearly 15 years. By now I’ve run around town more than a few times. I’ve seen the town’s running club around, but I have never joined. They run a similar route to one of my routes. I never wanted to break into their clique, and also, up until recently I was so competitive that I just wanted to blow past them and leave them in my dust. In addition, I used to be a lone wolf runner. Now I kind of like the idea of having company from time to time.

Long story short: it was raining hard yesterday and the run group was out running and I got the invite to meet on Tuesdays at 5:30 in front of City Hall. Some of the run group runs during the winter, so I’ll have extra protection against getting seriously injured if I fall on my butt during a snowstorm (which I still have yet to do — knock on wood).

Not My Dad’s Radio Show is back on the air

Last week was the first week of my radio show for the semester. It’s at 8 AM CST. Once the livestream is back I will share the link with y’all. I know some of you really enjoyed my little radio show.

This week I started using Virtual DJ on my laptop instead of using the station’s machine. Last week the station’s machine was playing my songs at weird speeds, and I ended up sounding like a moron, so I cut my show short.

Since I’ve got Virtual DJ now, that means another excuse not to do a podcast has fallen away. I may end up starting a podcast with my show. I need to look into some startup podcasting equipment and maybe see if I can find somewhere in my budget for it. I would love to do a different format for my show than what’s required by our station. I would like to share more information about upcoming concerts, have nerdy discussions with guests, as well as have more variety in music. Oh, and also: swearing. I kind of hate checking my lyrics for songs and finding out that a song I really want to play isn’t FCC friendly. I’m too lazy to edit all my songs, plus I think editing destroys the integrity of a track anyway. So a podcast would be nice.

Speaking of podcasts, I’ve been listening to a couple lately: How Stuff Works and The Adventures of Danny and Mike. The latter isn’t really good (content-wise), but I enjoy it because it’s the kids from the Adventures of Pete and Pete and they’re grown up (sort of) and are still buddies. They are also major geeks so the topics they cover bleed into my interest areas.


I think that’s it! Not super exciting, I know. But maybe soon I’ll have a radio show to post. I am also planning to do a more in-depth post on a few time management / budget management applications. Wee.

Have you ever taught a class? Loved it? Hated it? Discuss.

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  1. Aaah group projects. I have them massively with the class I’m in this fall. 6 people.


    1. chimes says: Reply

      BARRRRRF. :/

  2. Group projects are the worst!
    I don’t want to rely on other people and they never do the work to my standerds. I just want to be accountable for myself, my work, and my time!

    1. Calee says: Reply

      Oh man. I think I’m part of some sort of social experiment. We tried to get a topic chosen yesterday and it was a 3-hour fight. This is going to be a terrible semester!

  3. Dena says: Reply

    I can’t wait to call you and ask if “the Dr. is in”.

  4. kim says: Reply

    Loved reading your update! 🙂 It looks like lots of fun things are coming your way!

    I totally know what you mean about wanting to understand coding better.

    I can do some basic stuff, but mostly work with themes and such now, so keep me posted on your learnings and we can trade skills.

    I’m sure you rock as a teacher! 🙂

    We’ll catch up more later, and let’s hang when I’m in Iowa!

    Miss you!

    1. Calee says: Reply

      Yeah next semester I have to teach coding so that’s going to suck. :/

      So far I think I’m doing a good job teaching and maybe am the “cool teacher” (ha I would like to think so!). My students are such a good batch so that helps.

  5. Web Log = Blog

    Video Blog = Vlog


    Grad Log = Glog

    You’re welcome.

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