last day at work selfie //

Beginnings of a new adventure!

last day at work selfie //

Last day at work selfie! I woke up with my hair looking like Bette Midler’s from Hocus Pocus.

Today is my last day at my full-time job that I’ve been working for the past three years. I’ve learned a lot about writing, marketing, and student relations at this job. I’ve met and worked with a lot of interesting people. Although I’ve had a great run here, I’m less sad about leaving than I’m excited about what the future brings. Unfortunately, I’m still not at liberty to share EXACTLY what my future holds, but I will be able to do so soon enough.

For now, I’ve got almost two months to enjoy time off and to do some of the things I’ve been longing to do for years, from writing that novel, to finishing some quilts, but mostly, I’m looking forward to spending tons of time outdoors and adventuring around Iowa on the cheap.


What would you do with two months free?

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