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Sweet Tunes Twofer Tuesday: Two radio shows and @TheFaint (again)

Sweet Tunes Twofer Tuesday // www.lifeplusrunning.com

So yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve compiled a Sweet Tunes Thursday (or Twofer Tuesday in this case) post. As much as I love writing these posts, they’re a bitch to put together since I curate media from multiple sources. I’ve had this one on deck for almost a month now, and have finally gotten around to putting it together for you.

First, here are my last two radio shows. I didn’t bother putting playlists together in Grooveshark because frankly, I want you to listen to the actual audio from my radio show. Plus, I included a bunch of songs in the last two playlists that are not found on Grooveshark, so you’re getting more out of listening to the audio from my show. 🙂

The last radio show was my feeble attempt at spinning vinyl. I love vinyl (duh) but I have a major problem with the logistics of DJing vinyl at the radio station: I’m short. The microphone is more than arm’s length away from the turntables, and it’s hard for me to reach the mike as well as the soundboard to control everything. For those reasons, and because it was my first time spinning vinyl, the show was a bit rough, to say the least. Not sure if I’ll try vinyl again because it was a pain hauling it to campus and back, and I honestly can’t reach back and forth fast enough for a smooth transition between songs.

Here is the show from two weeks prior to my last show. My second-to-last one didn’t get recorded.

I was really bummed because the live stream was down for my second-to-last show and I had curated a really good Under the Covers playlist of bands I typically play covering songs done by other bands I typically play. But, alas, I don’t have audio of that.

In other news, Mark and I are going to see The Faint again this weekend in Minneapolis. I think this is the 5th or 6th time I’ve seen them? And I may even see them again in June in Omaha for the last show of this tour. I saw their first show for this tour on April 24th at Wooly’s in Des Moines. I totally fan-girled and stood in the center of the front row.

I went to the show at Wooly’s on the 24th of April by myself and had to drive home after, so I was totally sober for the entire show. Random fact: drunk girls SUCK when you are sober. There were these two mean drunk girls behind me that kept shoving another girl that was by me, and they kept mimicking me by saying things like “I’m not old enough to know any of these songs, but I want to be front-row-center anyway*” (really?). When the mean drunk girls weren’t shoving people or trying to mess with me, they were not paying attention to the show and were on their phones — of course. Here’s a thought: If you’re so into the band that you just have to be in the front row, then maybe shut up or at least act like you’re enjoying yourself. Or dance! I don’t mind if people run into me if they’re having a good time and not being malicious. I spent the whole time dancing my ass off, and I plan to do the same this weekend, except I’m not going to go for the primo spot because I’ve had it a few times, and it’s somebody else’s turn this time.

me before The Faint in Des Moines on 4/24/2014

Word. (PS ^I had an awesome makeup and hair day that day, thanks to Lush)

I have never seen The Faint that close before (although I was in the front row the last time I saw them). In fact, it wasn’t until this show that I noticed the total crazy fire-hazard (ha — kidding, but seriously!) of a setup they have on stage. Look at all those cords! So much coordination goes on up on stage that I never even realized was happening.

the faint's crazy setup // lifeplusrunning.com

Their set was amazing, as usual. I don’t remember the order of the songs, or which specific songs they played, but I was happy with what they chose for the show. They even picked the songs I had been digging from their brand new album that came out only a week or two before. Nailed it.

todd fink of the faint at wooly's on 4/24/2014 // lifeplusrunning.com

I have to share this photo with you because it makes me giggle. My friend Adrienne sent this Snapchat to a bunch of her friends. I didn’t even realize she was at the show too until I got this!

snapchat from adrienne gross // http://www.justadg.com

And finally, here is a clip I accidentally caught (read: my boobs caught lol) from the Wooly’s performance (from “Your Retro Career Melted” off of Danse Macabre):

I’ve featured The Faint MANY times on Sweet Tunes Thursday (here, here, here, and here) and I wasn’t sure if I could share anything I hadn’t already shared with you, but I realized why I keep going to their shows: it’s the moment where I can let everything go and just dance. Specifically, my favorite moment at every one of The Faint’s shows is when they play “Glass Danse” and the room turns into an impromptu rave (same goes for “Paranoiattack”). Here are some videos that show that moment in action.

This crowd isn’t as hoppin’ as I was hoping to illustrate. I picked this video because the sound is pretty good and you can see the whole crowd.

Here is a clip of 2012’s performance at Wooly’s in Des Moines. I was towards the front on the left-hand side of the screen (in case you’re wondering). That was the show that I spent the whole time dancing with Omaha natives that had driven to see the Des Moines show the night before the Omaha show. Turn down your speakers because the sound quality on this one isn’t the best (it happens when you take video with your cell phone).

I guess that’s it, other than I’m totally pumped to see these guys again. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of dance-partying it up with The Faint (haha I wonder if they would play my wedding someday … ?!).


What do you fan-girl (or boy) about? OR Do you dance at concerts? 

*Total side note: What is the deal with people assuming that I’m 14? Beyond that, the bigger question is what is the deal with people assuming that a person’s age is directly related to the amount of knowledge he or she possesses? For example: I love David Bowie. I would marry that man if I could. Bowie is an all-around artistic genius. Even though I was born after most of Bowie’s influential albums were released, I still know more about him and his music than the average person my dad’s age does. Age does not pre-determine musical taste and knowledge (or other knowledge for that matter). < / end rant >

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