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Good morning, lovelies!

An idea came to me last night as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed. My friend Candace, who is an illustrator, has been working on making art that sells this year (beyond illustrating for books on contract). In my corner of the world, I’ve been painting up a storm because it’s fun. But I’ve also been scanning my paintings at high resolution so I’ll have them in case I want to use them for some design work later. Somewhere along between scrolling through Candace’s art and scanning mine, it all clicked, and off I went to Society 6 — a site dedicated to putting artists work on cool products, like phone cases, shower curtains, throw pillows, mugs, etc.

After only a couple of hours’ worth of work, most of my artwork is uploaded. I plan to keep adding things because it’s free to upload artwork to Society6 and apply it to products. Plus, even if I don’t sell anything ever, it’s really a cool feeling to see art that I’ve created out of sheer boredom adorn a household item (that I didn’t have to make!).

Here’s what my Society6 storefront looks like. You can either shop by product type or by the artwork. When you click on the art, the site shows you the products available with that piece printed on them. Unfortunately, some of my art is very small, so I can’t apply it to very large applications. But this is still pretty cool! I’ve started uploading some of my favorite graphic design work as well.

chimesdesign on society6.com/chimes // lifeplusrunning.com

Here are some bigger examples of products. There are pillows …

chimesdesign on society6.com/chimes // lifeplusrunning.com

… iPhone (and soon they will have Samsung Galaxy) cases …
chimesdesign on society6.com/chimes // lifeplusrunning.com

chimesdesign on society6.com/chimes // lifeplusrunning.com

… mugs …

chimesdesign on society6.com/chimes // lifeplusrunning.com

… and so much more!

The downside to Society6, much like the downside of listing things on Etsy, is that it is easy to get sidetracked and purchase (or almost purchase) things others have made. Like anything and everything from the Welcome to Twin Peaks shop, because I’m currently obsessed with that show (which is another post for a different day).  Although (no offense, but I am a professional), I could design a much nicer shirt (and maybe one that looks more like Milton Glaser’s original I <3 NY mark), this is still a fun piece, and Society6 has a lot more fun pieces of (mostly) original artwork.

I [ log ] twin peaks shirt // http://society6.com/pieter


If you could put something on a t-shirt, a mug, or a throw pillow, what would you do?

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  1. kim says: Reply

    i love society6! i have some prints up there, but need to post some higher-res photos for the other items (like the clock and throw pillows). your work looks great! xo

  2. oh MAN, this is SO COOl!!

    I need this shower curtain in my life.


    1. chimes says: Reply

      Thanks, lady! I’m tempted to order one of my own shower curtains … haha.

  3. twin peaks and society 6? yes, love everything about this post.

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