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chimes choices: things I’d rather be doing than my homework.

It’s been a while since I did a chimes choices series, and since it’s spring break and it’s apparent that my graphic design grad student colleagues and I are all in that mid-semester slump, I thought this post topic was appropriate: Things I’d rather be doing than my homework.

chimes's choices: a few of my favorite things //

Instead of homework, I’d rather be (doing? watching?) … Chris Pratt.

chimes choices: hellooooo chris pratt.


… also, I’m a huge fan of chubby/scruffy Chris Pratt as well.

chimes choices: chris pratt ... um yes please.

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5 of my favorite Chris Pratt moments:

1. As Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec: “I was secretly an undercover rock star the whole time!”

2. As Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec: Burt Macklin, FBI

3. As Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec: Andy and Ben in London

“Should I do a British accent? I just feel like he’s going to get upset when he finds out we’re American …” Geek moment: the other guy in this scene is Dwayne Bensey from Spaced.

4. That time that Chris Pratt quit drinking beer and hit the gym for 8 months. His secret to getting buff? Not getting fired from a job he really wanted …

chimes choices: chris pratt — um.... yum.

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5. This trailer for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy release (the job that Chris Pratt wanted so bad he got all ripped).

Also, if you’ve been taking notes, it’s blatantly clear that I have a type …

chimes choices: chris pratt ... although my man is pretty adorably similar


Instead of homework, I’d rather be … listening to some of my favorite albums.

My favorite albums are forever changing, but I typically keep an updated playlist on Spotify.

4 of my current favorites albums:

1. Hunky Dory by David Bowie — It’s not a secret that I love everything Bowie’s ever done (although, The Hunger is questionable), but this album is my current favorite from his catalog featuring classics like “Life on Mars” and “Changes”, and my personal favorite, “Oh! You Pretty Things”.

chimes choices: current favorite abums — hunky dory by David Bowie
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2. St. Vincent by St. Vincent — St. Vincent collaborated with David Byrne a couple years back, and his influence is clear on this new album. She combines electronic with some really great horn sounds to create a sound like never before. I’ve been playing “Digital Witness” just about every week on my radio show.

chimes choices: current favorite albums — st. vincent by st. vincent
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3. The Bends by Radiohead — I used to HATE Radiohead. I’m not even sure why. Their early 90s albums are fantastic, but I think they lost their luster when they went more progressive (jam band) and less grunge/alternative.

chimes choices: current favorite albums — the bends by radiohead
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4. Reflektor by Arcade Fire Geek fact: David Bowie appears on this album in the title track. 

chimes choices: current favorite albums — reflektor by arcade fire
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Instead of homework, I’d rather be … taking a relaxing bath.

… which I guess I can couple with my Chris Pratt obsession since I typically prop up my Kindle next to the tub and binge some Netflix while relaxing. Chris Pratt in my tub? Yes, please. 

3 bath time essentials include: 

1. Incense

I’ve taken to burning incense at home, which when coupled with listening to David Bowie on my turntable makes me feel like I’m in the 70s. Burning incense while in the tub is grand because the smoke mingles with the steam and makes the fragrance more potent. My favorite kind of incense is Maroma, which is a fair trade brand of incense made from essential oils. I like Rose and Lavender, but my favorite is their Blessing incense which is a blend of different florals. Honestly, I started using incense because I kept seeing Maroma and their packaging is really pretty and uses fancy paper and metallic ink. Now I’m obsessed with burning incense.

chimes choices: burning incense while taking a relaxing bath


2. Epsom Salts / Magnesium Oil

To truly relax, I don’t do bubbles because they make a mess. Instead, I pour a cup of Epsom salts or a few tablespoons of magnesium oil into the tub. Magnesium helps muscles relax, which is why athletes have been using it as a soaking agent for years.

3. LUSH Bath Bombs

Every once in a while I’ll schnazz up my bath time with a super-luxurious bath bomb from LUSH Cosmetics. It’s no secret I’m obsessed with LUSH. Their products are all made from mostly ingredients you can buy at the grocery store, they’re not tested on animals, and their packaging is not only a sexy design, but it’s all recycled, recyclable, and mostly compostable. I just can’t say no to products that rock on all fronts: eco-friendly, well-made, and well-designed. 

chimes choices: LUSH cosmetics bath bombs for a super-luxurious eco-friendly bath chimes choices: LUSH cosmetics bath bombs for a super-luxurious eco-friendly bath chimes choices: LUSH cosmetics bath bombs for a super-luxurious eco-friendly bath


Instead of homework, I’d rather be drinking a beer (or two). 

I’ve been loving the sour beers lately. I keep track of all the beers I’ve tried on Untappd in case you’re interested in following me. I don’t drink often, but when I do, I’m a beer (and scotch) snob.

2 of my current favorite beers:

1. Monk’s Café Flemish Sour Red Ale (link to a review from Fermentedly Challenged — a source that’s better equipped to talk about beer than I am)

chimes choices: favorite beers — Monk's Café Flemish Sour Red Ale

… if you’re wondering where that lovely cup came from, it’s a piece from my friend Amanda’s collection of awesome ceramics artists. This one is by Brooke Noble, and I’m in love with her work. 

2. Spontancassis (link to Beer Advocate review)

chimes choices: spontancassis black currant lambic beer

[ source ]

Bonus: if you like scotch, my favorite is Laphroaig.

Instead of homework, I’d rather be running, or even doing yoga (and I hate yoga!).

1 awesome running shoe:

chimes choices: new favorite running shoe — mizuno wave inspire


[ source ]

I’ve officially switched from my tried-and-true Asics to Mizuno Wave Inspires. I swear I didn’t buy these because they’re pink. I look pretty silly with pink head-to-toe, but whatever … because these shoes have been great to me. I’ve gotten past my plantar fasciitis — it’s in remission at least — and these shoes keep me pretty decently aligned when running so I don’t have nearly the amount of hip and knee problems I used to.

Disclaimer: Everybody is built differently and it took me about 5 different kinds of shoes to find the ones that worked the best for you, and that was through consulting running shoe experts. Don’t pick these up just because I like them! Consult an expert if you’re looking for a running shoe. Just thought I’d share that I FINALLY found a shoe that I liked.


What would YOU rather be doing than the things you’re supposed to be doing right now?

Honorable mention:  I’d rather be blogging. (check!)

Disclosure: This was not a sponsored post, but if you click on the links included for iHerb and use the code from my sidebar, you’ll get a discount, but I’ll also get a kickback. This post was not meant to be an advertisement, but I included links in case you’re interested in some of the products mentioned. 

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    Napping with my cats. Two tough workouts on back-to-back days was a good choice for soaking in the nice weather, but a bad choice for my body.

  2. I swear I thought that picture of the scruffy chris pratt was mark! LOL!

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