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Sweet Tunes Thursday: THUNDERSNOW!

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Happy Thursday! I’m sitting at home right now because we are having a thunder snow storm. Yup. THUNDERSNOW. That actually happened. Campus closed down for the first time in years (including the offices!) so I’ve been sitting here since 1 or so — mostly sitting anyway — I went for a run, of course, because … blizzard!

Iowa thundersnow running // lifeplusrunning.com  Iowa thundersnow running // lifeplusrunning.com

I so needed that run. I figured out that I’d worked 56 hours so far this week between work, school, and the radio station. I have a HUGE project due on Monday and it has not been going according to plan. I’ll share that with you as soon as I finish it because it’s kind of cool. In other news, this blizzard might have given me some extra time to work on all my dang homework, but it might prevent me from going to Minnesota tomorrow. Mark and I have tickets to go to Jeremy Messersmith’s album release show, but the foot of snow falling right now MIGHT prevent me from going, which is a shame because I love Jeremy Messersmith, and he’s even more fantastic live.

Speaking of music, here is my show from yesterday. If you scroll to the end (around 10 mins from the end) you’ll catch a Wayne’s World reference. I didn’t have a theme this week, but I’m working on a geek song playlist if you’ve got suggestions.

Anyway, I am off to finish this project. I tried not to think about how much time I’ve spent on this project, but I did figure out that if the hours spent on this project were billable, I’d be making about $3000 on this project. Ha!


Have you ever heard of THUNDERSNOW?! 

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