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Sweet Tunes Thursday // Artists you should know: David Bowie

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It’s Thursday, and that means it’s time for Sweet Tunes Thursday. This week I’m finally going to start making good on the promise I made to share prolific artists that you must know about. I somewhat started a series on this a ways back with a post about Lou Reed. Coincidentally, the artist I’m featuring today is from the same golden glam rock era as Reed: David Bowie.

Sweet Tunes Thursday // Artists you should know: David Bowie

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I hope that the image above is familiar to you even if you don’t know who David Bowie is. You might also know him from the 80s classic The Labyrinth — he played the Goblin King. At the very least, you have heard Space OddityHeroesFameChanges, or another one of his many songs that has been featured in other forms of pop culture.

Considering his career alone spans 40+ years, David Bowie can’t be explained in a single post. However, I’ll attempt to sum up Bowie: He’s a badass who is always ahead of the curve with something new and exciting — he’s the rock-n-roll chameleon. Bowie is an all-around artist — he even went to art school, which makes me love him more. Bowie is a master collaborator who has worked with everybody from Freddie Mercury, of Queen, to Trent Reznor, of Nine Inch Nails (both will likely be featured in another “Artists You Should Know” segment). David Bowie knows no bounds in his artistry or supposedly in his personal life. He doesn’t just do androgyny, David Bowie IS androgyny.


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I don’t know why I included this picture, but I love it, so here it is. I pulled it from my Better with Bowie Pinterest board.


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Bowie turned 67 this year and is still writing, producing, and releasing good music. In honor of his incredible 5-decade-long career, and inspired by his birthday in early January, I put together a tribute show for this week’s installment of Not Your Dad’s Radio Show on 88.5 KURE Ames Alternative. I also finally figured out a way to record my show so I can share it with those of you who can’t listen at 7 AM CST on Wednesdays, so I’ve embedded it below.

If you want to impress your friends by having base knowledge of David Bowie, here is his some required listening.


Who would you consider to be an artist everybody should know? 

On my list: Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Nine Inch Nails … I could go on, but I will leave those for another day

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  1. Missy says: Reply

    I had been saving up for a day where I had no clients and you, my dear, just tunrnt up my workday. In fact, this will probably be a weekly thing.

    Thanks for the links!
    PS — You summed up Bowie.. quite a feat!

    1. chimes says: Reply

      thanks! I’m glad you enjoyed it. What do you do that you’ve got clients? I feel like I should know this but I’m terrible at keeping up with people.

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