Goals, glorious goals: Month 1 — finances. – life+running

Goals, glorious goals: Month 1 — finances.

Last year I started out the year with the intention to simplify things, and I did pretty well, although I pretty much forgot that I was working towards such a vague goal. Goals are best achieved when they are measurable and have a deadline, and my goal of simplifying my life wasn’t really measurable and it didn’t really have a deadline. I could have broken one big goal up into smaller, measurable bits, which is exactly friend Shelly came up with a great idea for 2014 goals: Glorious Goals.

12 Months of Glorious Goals

You can join Shelly’s Glorious Goals by grabbing the button from her post,  sharing a goal that you have for January on your blog, and linking up to her January Glorious Goals link party.

Shelly’s idea for Glorious Goals is to set a healthy goal for each month. As an example of a goal, Shelly’s first goal is to avoid fried food in January. Personally, I don’t want to set any food or exercise goals for myself because I like where I’m at with both of these things, and setting a goal could likely set off some bad habits for me. So, instead, I’m focusing on another aspect of my health this month: financial health.

My Glorious Goal for January is to create a budget and enter my income and expenses into the budget.

I mentioned that I’m going to go back to my budget spreadsheet this year, but a friend of mine recommended You Need a Budget, so I’m giving that a try. You Need a Budget is budgeting software that up front seems similar to my spreadsheet, but it has different functions that I can’t get from the spreadsheet system. For example, instead of just giving you your balance in real time, the software predicts your expenditures for the future based on the information that you give it, and it helps you plan for savings. I logged into You Need a Budget over the weekend, and so far my budget is looking a little rough, but I think it’s because I haven’t figured out how to wrangle the software just yet. However, I’m going to stick with it and enter my expenses. What I like so far is that it shows the balance you have after all your bills are paid and not what is currently in your account.

Budgeting software the works — You Need A Budget // www.youneedabudget.com

Unfortunately, You Need A Budget is not a free software solution (which is kind of counter intuitive if you ask me), but they have a free 34-day trial, and the software syncs with mobile devices so you can enter purchases on the go. I’m giving it a try, and next month I’ll see if it’s in my budget to buy the licensed software.

Here’s to a happier wallet in 2014. Thanks, Shelly, for the idea to create a goal for each month.


What would your Glorious Goal for January be?


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  1. Shelly says: Reply

    Awesome goal! Thanks for participating! 🙂

    1. chimes says: Reply

      Yay. I’m rocking my goal this month. BTW I just rescued your comment from my spam filter. You might want to go to askimet’s website and see if you can get off their blacklist. Just google “get off askimet’s blacklist” and there should be instructions. I am having to do the same because I saw all my responses to my OWN blog comments are getting marked as spam. :/ womp, womp. I’m not a spammer!

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