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Inspiring Ladies on the Internet

I confess, I’ve not done a lot of blog reading lately, and I haven’t put a lot of time into my blog. Grad school is really starting to develop, and next semester I’ll be taking not one, but two classes (and potentially some research credits). So if you’ve noticed a change in pace here — both in content and in the amount of posts — that’s why. I’m focusing less on fitness and health in my daily life. I still eat healthy (and allergy-free!) and hit the gym, but I don’t think about obsess over it as much because it’s just something I do to be healthy and not my main goal in life right now. My main goal in life is to get my grad degree, have some fun while doing it, and start my life with my man (if he’ll have me) as soon as possible. All while hosting a kick-ass radio show at 7 AM CST on Wednesday mornings (you can stream it LIVE tomorrow — spinning best of 2013).

However, fitness and health is still a main goal for a lot of other bloggers, so I thought I’d share with you a few great posts / ideas / challenges I’ve found recently.

First, my friend Heather, who I met through blogging and at Blend 2012, just participated in her first bikini competition. Heather is a tough competitor and has trained for many things: from triathalons to 50Ks. Her speedy transformation from looking base-level (and awesomely) fit like myself to being a bikini competitor completely blows my mind. She attributes her success to — not hours and hours in the gym, but — NUTRITION. She says herself that she has trained harder than this, but what she changed and stuck to was her nutrition plan. She has mentioned this idea to me MANY times, but since I’m working on intuitive eating, I’m not ready to follow a nutrition plan just yet.

Heather from and her bikini transformation — nutrition is KEY, not hours of breaking your back in the gym // read more at

Take a minute and read about her bikini competition transformation. Again, she found success not through extra hours and hours of work in the gym, but eating the appropriate foods (and not starving herself).

Heather is also hosting a #MoveHappy challenge in which she challenges participants to do something that makes them happy rather than being bored on a treadmill (unless that’s your thing!) at the gym.

Which leads me to the next great healthy idea that I’ve found recently.

ashley from coffee cake and cardio is hosting a 365-day fitness challenge — move a little every day. read more at

My friend Ashley is hosting a #365dayFitChallenge. She talks about how her days off from the gym were pretty lazy, and that she realized that was silly. Why not move a bit every day rather than killing it in the gym a few days a week, and sitting on your ass the rest of the time? I like this idea because it not only builds a habit of fitness, it makes more sense for how we function. Our bodies weren’t built to do hard work for super-short bursts and laze around the rest of the time. We were built to walk, occasionally move things, and sometimes sprint away from something hungry. So maybe the healthiest workout routine is something we CAN do every day, not some ridiculous training schedule for a non-existent event. If you’ve got an event (like Heather’s bikini competition) to train for, then train away. If you don’t, then maybe focus on being as healthy as you can be. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, busting your ass in the gym or in a boot camp every day to PR weight or time or whatever is the fastest way to injury. PRs are great to check where your fitness level is, but it’s not an every day thing. That’s just my opinion. Die-hard crossfitters probably just ran the other way (or squat thrusted the other way).

I agree with Ashley, and I challenge you to move your body each day for the next 365 days, and you can talk about it using the #365dayFitChallenge hashtag on social media. Take a minute to read about Ashley’s challenge.

Have you read any inspiring and smart articles lately that you would like to share? Any topic is welcome. I need to catch up on my blog reading, so if you have something to share, feel free to link it up below. I’ll keep this open until January, which is when I’ll have time to read through things you’ve shared and comment.


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  1. spot on friend! loves these women and what they respresent with health/inspiration!

  2. Shelly says: Reply

    Nice post. Did our conversation yesterday spark anything for this blog post? If not, a perfect coincidence. your rock girl.

    1. Calee says: Reply

      You know it!

  3. Missy says: Reply

    Thanks for the links!

    PS- As I was readingthis I kept getting distracted by your flashing featured recipes and I really want a GD rice Krispie treat right now thank you for that. LOL.

    Two posts I have read recently have stuck — I think you’ll like them when you get to it:


    “Back when I ate the HLB way”

    Which pretty much summarizes the *ahem* issues about blogging and disordered eating.

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