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What I’m bringing to Thanksgiving.

I’m up ridiculously early today because I decided I would rather get up early than try to drive home last night with all the drunks on the road. I live in Iowa. Rural areas are notorious for having drunk drivers on the road. Why? Because everybody thinks that nobody else is on the road, so they drive. Everybody I know has driven drunk before, and I guarantee that there were way more drunks out last night than most nights. So why risk it?

Anywho, I’m not writing to rant about drunk driving, but instead, I thought I would share things that I’m bringing to Thanksgiving today.

I usually bring a side dish, but this year, I brought a few since I’ve got the whole food allergy situation happening and I want to be sure that there is enough food for me to eat. Who ever thought that I would be worried about having enough food to eat on Thanksgiving? In years past, my biggest problem was worrying about eating TOO MUCH and having to work out extra hard to make up for it (bad strategy, by the way — leads to lots of injuries, and you’re better off just enjoying the day). Now? I’m not sure what I’m eating other than the turkey my mom prepped specially for me with chicken broth that Mark made at home, my side dishes, and the sweet potato casserole that my mom so kindly omitted the pecans so I could eat.

I’m bringing these brussels sprouts from veggie belly (no polenta — allergic to corn).

creamy polenta with brussels sprouts recipe // lifeplusrunning.com

I also made the cranberry sauce from this herbed turkey burger recipe from Hungry Girl por Vida.

herbed turkey burger from hungry girl porvida // lifeplusrunning.com

I made some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins, which were loosely based on some from Smitten Kitchen.

pumpkin chia seed chocolate chip muffins // lifeplusrunning.com

And I made yet ANOTHER batch of bourbon chocolate chip cookies with sea salt from Sprint 2 the Table. I actually made two versions this time: bourbon chocolate chip sea salt cookies with white and dark chocolate, and chai tea cookies with dark chocolate and milk chocolate chips. Same recipe, different flavors mixed into it.

my version of sprint 2 the table's bourbon chocolate chip cookies // lifeplusrunning.com

I’m also bringing along some projects to work on over the weekend. I’m almost finished with some amalgamation of these mittens by Pickles (read: I scanned the pattern, did my own thing, but am following their finishing instructions).

everyday mittens by pickles // lifeplusrunning.com

I’m also bringing home an in-progress cardigan I’m knitting. I started this in October and had a lot of momentum. But then I got busy, and got bored with it. Actually, what really happened is that I didn’t like the way the sleeve was looking, so I put the sweater aside for a while until I was ready to look at it again. It’s based on another pattern by Pickles. Also, I didn’t purposely pick the same colors as the original pattern. I spent an hour picking out the type of yarn I wanted to use, and there was really only one decent color combo. And I got home and saw that it was the SAME FREAKING COMBO as the sample. I guess if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

pickles cool cardigan // lifeplusrunning.com

start of pickles' cool cardigan // lifeplusrunning.com

Finally, since I’m moving in two weeks (!!! details to come), I’ll be bringing home some stuff for “storage” (i.e. my parents’ basement or Mark’s place). I’m bringing home a big box of vinyl records for Mark to take home with him and listen to while I’m moving. I’d rather him enjoy them for a while so I have one less box to move and accidentally dork up while I’m moving (because I’ve had terrible luck with my turntable and vinyl lately). If you’re curious what’s in my collection, I’m trying to keep an updated list on Pinterest on a Virtual Vinyl board

box of records // lifeplusrunning.com

[ source ]

I’m also bringing home my dog and ALL of his stuff, and BOY does he pack heavy. I’ve got two kennels, plus all his other accessories. Barney will be staying with my parents for a few weeks while I get things settled. Good thing he likes staying there more than he likes being at home. And he enjoys the Thanksgiving football games. And his aunt Coree.


barney stinson, avid bears fan // lifeplusrunning.com

coree and barney // lifeplusrunning.com

Oh, and I’m bringing laundry. Because every responsible adult who’s just about 30 years of age should probably bring laundry to their parents’ home when going there for the holidays. Don’t judge. I don’t have time to do laundry on the weeknights, and there are only two (2!) washers and dryers for my entire complex. So you can imagine I could never, ever do laundry on the weekend since everybody else is doing it then. Plus, my parents’ washer and dryer is much nicer and gets things cleaner than the washer and dryer in my building.


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, girl! I am bringing a side dish to thanksgiving this year. It’s the same thing I brought last year (roasted butternut squash & brussels) and despite the family’s concern over the brussels last year, many liked it. Regardless, it is more because it’s something I know I can eat and will actually fill me up!

  2. I’d eat all that! And then some. I’m excited to hear the full chai cookie report. I need to play with that recipe more.

    Hooray for moving!!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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