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Marvelous in my Monday: a colorful, artsy weekend


Happy Monday! It is quiet around here. I’m at work (on campus) and it’s Thanksgiving break. I don’t have classes this week, so I’m walking to work this week (I need the whole lunch hour to walk home to take the doggy out and to walk back, and usually have class). We have snow on the ground, and it looks like more is coming. Blech.

Regardless of snow, I had a great weekend this last weekend. Friday was my artist friend Molly Nagel’s opening reception for her thesis show. I’m so proud of her for the amount of work she has done since September, which is basically all of this:

Molly Nagel, artist, Master of Fine Arts — thesis work, 2013 //

(I bought the bottom middle one of these lovely hummingbirds — all of this work is for sale, by the way, and she does not have a job lined up, so if you are in need of a jack-of-all trades artist, let me know!)

Molly Nagel, artist, Master of Fine Arts — thesis work, 2013 //

Molly Nagel, artist, Master of Fine Arts — thesis work, 2013 //

Molly Nagel, artist, Master of Fine Arts — thesis work, 2013 //

(these are actually masks, and are only three of six.)

Molly Nagel, artist, Master of Fine Arts — thesis work, 2013 //

Molly Nagel, artist, Master of Fine Arts — thesis work, 2013 //

And yes, that IS a 10-foot painting of a bear. Thanks to my friend Steph for the size reference.

Molly was one year behind me in graphic design as an undergraduate, and started her masters degree about the time Mark and I started dating. It’s really nice to see the culmination of her work. Molly’s show was also a nice excuse for all my lady friends to get together. We went out for some wine afterwards to celebrate.

Saturday night I had the privilege of going to the Iowa High School All State Music Festival concert. One of my choir friends from high school (and college!) has a little sister who made it to the All State Choir this year, so I thought it would be fun to watch. A friend of a friend had an extra ticket, so I went and sat with her parents, which was a lot more fun and a lot less awkward than that sounds. The friend-of-a-friend’s parents were adorable, and I don’t even know their daughter.  I was a band and choir geek in high school and had tried out for All State a few times, but didn’t make it. I always regretted trying out for the choir when I could have easily made it for band. Oh well. I have so many good memories of practicing at 6 and 7 AM with all my good friends (because us music geeks stick together), the 4 AM breakfast before the bus trip to auditions, the heartbreak and excitement of the actual auditions, and the trip back where we would inevitably shit-talk the people who actually made it (unless they were seniors of course) and wax poetic about how there’s always next year. Good times.

Iowa All State Orchestra, Choir, and Band 2013

My favorite part of this year’s concert was the orchestra. The selections for orchestra were far more complex and interesting than the selections for the choir or band (um, Dvorak). I was actually quite disappointed with the choral selections. They were pretty flat (complexity, not tone). I also  can’t believe how much religious music is still allowed in public schools. I’m pretty sure all the selections were religious — which is fine, except there is supposed to be a separation of church and state, but more importantly, only one religion was represented. I understand we don’t want our young population singing Miley Cyrus tunes, but we also don’t need to impose one specific religion upon them. It would have been nice to hear some different cultures or time periods represented. I guess most music prior to the 20th century wasn’t secular, but just … ugh. </ end rant>

I also got a pedicure this weekend. It’s been far too long since I paid any attention to my feet in terms of pampering, and I love a good pedicure from time to time. It’s relaxing, there is massage involved, and it makes me feel a little prettier.

pedicure //

I also spent a decent portion of the weekend listening to albums, finally. My cartridge (the needle part of a turntable) was jacked up and I just go it back from the shop (another thanks to Steph for picking it up for me!). I got to listen to about 4 albums before the needle bent back to where it was, and the music started sounding distorted again. I have a call into the manufacturer to see if there is something that I’m maybe doing wrong or that might be wrong with the table itself. I want to make sure it’s not me and that it was the needle, or that if it is me, I’m fixing whatever it is that I’m doing. These things cost upwards of $200 to replace, so if I’m going to do that, I want to be sure I don’t jack it up again.

bang and olufsen turntable playing chvrches new album //

Sad face. 🙁 SO many things I want to listen to.

On a happier note, I spent a good chunk of time messing around with water color because I felt like it. I haven’t made much of anything or done anything creative for a very long time, so it was nice to get these out and play. I have no clue how to actually paint anything, so these were all color and medium experiments. However, I had a freelance request last week that I will be able to use watercolor to solve, so I’m pretty stoked for that.

watercolor experiments //

And, finally, the reason that my Monday is going to be super marvelous: The Doctor. I’m going with my friend Amanda (and maybe Kelly if I see her there?) to see The Day of The Doctor 50th anniversary special in theatres tonight. I realize it aired Saturday, but we have been ignoring the internets for the weekend as not to hear any spoilers.

confluence of space and time t-shirt //

And yes, that is a Doctor Who AND Star Trek t-shirt all in one. I know. Too much geek for one shirt.


What did you do this weekend? And what do you geek? 

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  1. Nice!!! That sounds like a lot of fun. I still haven’t figured out how I’m going to see it. Laaaame.

    Also … oh, all-state auditions. *Sigh*. Memories!

  2. Boo on the turntable! I really need to get one and in fact my grandparents have a few in their basement (that I saved from being thrown out) that I hope I can have at least one of them at some point, maybe sooner rather than later! 🙂

  3. Missy says: Reply

    That SUCKS about your needle. NoNoNo.
    But, those bird pictures? SO IN LOVE. I am jealous you got one.

    I am fascinated by the non-secular prior to 20th century deal. Will give me much fodder for googling today as I am also a lonely straggler at work.
    I am thinking baroque and madrigal.. but I bet those are post 20th.

    I am an advertising/marketing geek. Especially food-related marketing.
    I get so passionate.

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