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Why I cannot be replaced. #NSPW13

This week is national suicide prevention week. Today is national suicide awareness day.

The group To Write Love on Her Arms has been promoting a “why I cannot be replaced” campaign. Honestly, I read this on The Bloggess yesterday and realized that I needed to promote this campaign when I struggled to figure out a few reasons as to why I cannot be replaced. Yay depression.

If you didn’t already know this, I have the word “love” permanently inked on my wrist. I lost a family member in 2011, and I wanted something to remind me of her, and to remind myself of the huge hole that she left if I ever am in the deepest throes of depression again.

love on my wrist tattoo for jackie // lifeplusrunning.com

Here is why I cannot be replaced.

why i cannot be replaced #NSPW13 / lifeplusrunning.com


Give me one (or more reasons) why you cannot be replaced. Or one why I cannot be replaced (because I could use an ego boost, yo). 

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  1. I haven’t known you very long, but there are lots of reasons! You’re always willing to help someone out. And you’re honest, which this world could use so much more of. You’re a lot of fun to be around, and you give great advice.

    To name a few :).

    1. chimes says: Reply

      Awww.. thanks!

      You are awesome. For so many reasons! you’re always positive and can help bring me out of a funk on a crappy day.

      1. Aw 🙂 thanks right back at you! I love this post idea btw.

  2. Mom says: Reply

    A HUGE hole. Don’t count the days, make each day count. You are loved.

  3. Holly says: Reply

    To add to your list of reasons even though we both know there are a million more. Who else would share my love of Prince??

    1. chimes says: Reply

      You did notice that I wrote that in purple pen, right? 😉

  4. Coree says: Reply

    Let me just start by saying- #1, you’re the best sister in the world and I have always looked up to you, you’re brilliant, beautiful, funny, and when I need someone to talk to that will understand me, that person has always been you. You make me laugh, you’re one of my favorite people, if I ever lost you, i would be lost. I love you!

  5. Missy says: Reply

    I just read you post about Jackie. (( ))
    I lost my brother unexpectedly in 2011 and I know what a … just… it’s just one of the most INTENSE things to lose a family member out of the blue.

    I ADORE your tattoo and all that is symbolizes. Beautiful. (As are you).

    I am so glad to hear you fight the good fight. I know very well that that’s the most important thing right? That we keep fighting because it Lord knows there are eleventy forces pulling us down and robbing our hope. Just lie down.

    But there is that little sparkle that won’t allow people like us to do that because it just doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t feel like “us” to just give up.

    You know why you can’t be replaced? Because of that sparkle. It’s uniquely yours and it is a gift. Not everyone is lucky enough to have one.

    I can tell. Really. And I barely know you and live a long ways a way. Energy is like that.

    1. Missy says: Reply

      Sorry for the tldnr creepster comment… that’s just how I roll sometimes I guess. (0:

      1. chimes says: Reply


        dude, i leave novels on everybody’s posts. I assume everybody TLDRs my comments.

    2. chimes says: Reply

      Missy … this comment just made my day. I need to catch up on blogs sometime soon.

      Today was a much better day! I think just having a semblance of a routine and being out in the sunshine helps.

      I love your energy. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Amanda says: Reply

    1. I would, that dog loves me. 😉
    2. who’d do my graphic design and do it right?
    3. who would I have bitchfests with?
    4. stupid snapchats
    5. too long of a list. me.

    (top of my list is a super bitchy and needy cat who hates everything in the world but me for some reason.)

    1. chimes says: Reply

      haha, you would do a better job of taking care of that dog! today he lost his ball underneath the TV stand. I was in my room doing PT stuff before going back to work, and I heard shuffling.

      1) He had mistakenly took one of Ben’s PT (for his hand) balls (in his defense, it’s the same size, material, AND is blue), and got that stuck under the TV stand.

      2) His ball was further under the TV stand.

      He just looked at me like, “um, help? you have hands. get this for me.”

      1. Amanda says: Reply

        This is why Trillian has like 86 little jingly balls lost under every surface in the house. At least one is “found” at all times. When I move I collect them all like Pokemon.

  7. Doris says: Reply

    And we would all miss your witticisms online. Btw, I have a 14 year old cat that owes her life to me as well (no one would take the cat that many a visitor and friend have nicknamed a demon–I once had a pact with my Mom that if something happened to me she would take Maggy, because a shelter would just not deal with her shit)

    1. chimes says: Reply

      Witicisms? that’s a nice way of saying I’m a smart-ass I suppose. 🙂

      A shelter would not want to deal with Barney’s shit either! Good on you for taking in that cat.

  8. […] It’s not a fun topic, almost taboo, really, but because I’ve talked about it here before, and because today is Suicide Awareness Day, and because my friend Calee shared this awesome post: […]

  9. calee, you are one beautiful soul. Your heart, your passion, your funny little looks that make me smile to big! You make me laugh and want to live more free! that’s why! And thank you for posting about this.

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