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Marvelous in My Monday: Road trip weekend

This past weekend was a blast. It was the first road trip weekend of many to come, since Mark moved 3 hours away from me. I’m going to try to visit him once a month since it’s $60+ for gas for the trip (yikes — even with my economically friendly car). But I was pumped to see him. After all, it’d been four days. 🙂

It had even been long enough since I’d seen my beau that I managed to actually TRY to look fancy-schmancy. I’ve been reading Maskcara’s blog, and have been trying to implement some of her tips and tricks. I might even upgrade my makeup kit with some new products instead of buying a bunch of eyshadows in different colors that I use once or twice like usual. I realize now that I should maybe do something about my eyebrows …

i tried. //

Last weekend didn’t start out on the right foot. Friday I slept through my alarm, and I needed to get my car in for an oil change by 7 AM. I woke up at 6:36, was out the door by 6:45, and got my car there by 6:58. So it turned out okay. I didn’t get to pack in the morning like I’d planned, so I managed to toss my stuff together in ten minutes over lunch, which made for an interesting weekend since I didn’t bother looking at the weather forecast. Oh, and then I got stuck in traffic on the way to Minnesota because they closed one lane down. I was parked on the interstate for more than 15 minutes.

But, it all turned out okay in the end.

I met up with Mark in downtown St. Paul to see The Postal Service. Only, I didn’t manage to give him his ticket beforehand so we had to find each other before the show. We found each other, and I got there just in time for the main act. Great timing, even with all the traffic trouble.

^ and I managed to get a video of the song that I’m guessing everybody knows (which happens to be Mark’s and my song … and is appropriate for this time in our relationship).

Saturday we went for a walk, and then went to uptown to see my friend’s booth at the Uptown Art Festival. We relieved her for a bit so she could get lunch. I still can’t believe some of the things that people say within earshot of the artists at these shows: “they want me to pay HOW much for THIS?” (while holding a $7 corn dog, or a $5 cup of coffee); “I found a tutorial for this on pinterest. we could make that at home;” and my personal favorite: “I can buy this at Target” (no, no you can’t because if you can, I’d be suing them for copyright infringement).

Either way, I have to show you her stuff (I stole some pix from her Instagram) because I’m extremely proud of and excited about her work. Her work has grown so much in the last couple of years, and I love the direction she has been going. I want to open up my cupboard and find all of these dishes someday. She makes and sells more than mugs, but the mugs are my favorite because I am obsessed with mugs.

amanda m barr ceramics // //


^ namely this one. In love.

amanda m barr ceramics // //

amanda m barr ceramics // //

^ I want all of those. ALL of them I tell ya!

amanda m barr ceramics // //

She did make me some of my own when she finished that last batch of mugs. So I’ve been drinking my tea out of this lovely mug lately.

After the art festival, Mark and I ventured to his sister and brother-in-law’s place for drinks and appetizers, and then to Pizza Lucé. I’ve not had pizza in months — not since I discovered I’m allergic to tomatoes and onions, which are a requirement for pizza. Pizza Lucé is pretty allergy friendly, so we gave it a try. Mark and I split a pizza that had Bianca sauce (which is garlic and olive-oil based). It was really good, but honestly, it didn’t quite cure my pizza craving, and I ended up eating way too freaking much of it because it wasn’t quite what I had wanted. Someday, hopefully, I will be able to have real pizza again. But, this was really great pizza, nonetheless.


pizza luce minnesota

Sunday we were going to hit up the Mayan exhibit at the Science center with the rest of the family, but both of us had a dream where something bad happened to the other one, so we decided we’d rather bum around the house alone instead. We watched a movie, did our workout, went for a walk, and made cookies. I didn’t really want to leave, and it was pretty hard leaving, especially knowing there was a 3-hour drive ahead of me. I made my drive fun by veering off the beaten path in search of some rock-n-roll history. I braved the gravel roads to find the Buddy Holly / Big Bopper crash site in Clear Lake. Spoiler: it’s not that exciting. It’s a pair of giant glasses, which is pretty neat, but if you didn’t know what happened, you wouldn’t know why they were there because there is no label or anything.

buddy holly / big bopper crash site //


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  2. I’m obsessed with mugs, too. And Mason jars. This was made apparent when I unpacked kitchen boxes and realized that aside from three (there were four, but you know how moves go) wine glasses, I only have mugs and jars to drink from.

    I’m glad you had a good weekend, despite some setbacks and imperfections. I’m SURE it was hard for you to leave, as I feel that way any time I go home for the weekend (which won’t really happen anymore…]. It’s hard to leave the comfort of ‘home,’ even it it’s Mark. 😉

    Also, I need some help with makeup. I also still need to try your hair tips. We need to have a “I don’t really know what I’m doing but Calee is creative” make-up and hair experiment weekend.

    1. chimes says: Reply

      Oh yes! Do an experiment weekend and send me pix. Hopefully the experiments will be good enough to post. 🙂

      Check out Maskcara’s blog. She’s got a lot of good tips. And as far as makeup goes, usually lighter/neutral warm colors look really good on your skin tone with red hair.

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