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High-profile grammar fail

I normally don’t post twice in a day, but when I do, it’s because I have something important to say. 🙂

I don’t pretend to know everything about the English language. In fact., I make mistakes here on a daily basis. But, I’m not getting paid a bunch of money to write quips – unlike whoever came up with this stroke of genius that’s the new Victoria’s Secret Body by Victoria campaign. And by stroke of genius, I actually just mean stroke.


Let’s break this down.

Body is a proper noun in this case because it’s a type of bra that they sell. So it can be treated like a name or any other proper noun: just add an “s” to make it plural, or add an “‘s” to make it possessive. No reason to use “bodies” in this case.

Which is it? Plural or possessive? Clearly it is plural because they are talking about all their new bras. What would a bra own? Boobs? Straps? Kittens? I don’t know, and that’s because it doesn’t make sense here. It should be plural.

And don’t even get me started on the unnecessary quotations. Use capital case, not caps, and it would be clear that the word “Bodys” is a part of a play on a phrase.

Also it makes me think of a zombie flick or something out of Dexter.

Major fail. I posted the photo on Instagram last night and people asked if it was for real.

Now can I collect the money I’m owed for correcting your silly bra campaign, VS? You’re welcome.




Are you a grammar fanatic?

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  1. Emily says: Reply

    What amazes me, is that it’s ALL OVER! Not just on their website/digital media. I was walking in the mall and saw the poster in their display window. How has no one thought to fix this? lol

  2. OH MY GOD, seriously?! I can’t believe I havn’t scene this yet! I’m proud too say I never ever make grammer misteaks! One of my biggest pet peaves! I mean, really people, you’s a dicktionary! Ugh, you know what they say…you just can’t fix stoopid!

  3. ahhhhh! it’s still there! I just looked! that is crazy! (unless this is their plan… because we’re talking about them and looking at their site…)

  4. […] Too bad Victoria’s Secret didn’t take a lesson. Last year the clothing brand dropped a needless apostrophe (“You’ve never seen body’s like this!”) into its Secret Body […]

  5. […] Too bad Victoria’s Secret didn’t take a lesson. Last year the clothing brand dropped a needless apostrophe (“You’ve never seen body’s like this!”) into its Secret Body […]

    1. chimes says: Reply

      Bad Grammar ARE bad for branding? Okay …

  6. […] seems as though Old Navy could have borrowed that missing apostrophe from lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret. Last summer, while launching their new campaign for Body by Victoria, VS created digital ads […]

  7. Schmoo says: Reply

    The plural of Body is Bodies. While you were busy whining about apostrophes, you missed that.

    1. chimes says: Reply

      They are using “body” as a proper noun (explained in the blog post), and in that case, it would be “Bodys” not “bodies”.

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